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How to integrate social web sites together?

Asked by Tenderrest (1points) January 25th, 2009

Wouldn’t it be great to store all your output into one place? Does anyone know how to store everything you post into different social sites automaticly categorized to your blog?

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You can convert your blog to a planet then load the RSS feeds. You can aggregate the information on Plaxo Pulse, FriendFeed or similar websites (and perhaps aggregate those into your blog). Yahoo! Pipes might come in handy as well.

Or, you could live on the edge and lend me a hand in testing my software that’s designed to do exactly this ;-)

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I personnaly use Friendfeed as an aggregator for everything I output. The result gets displayed in a widget, provided by Friendfeed, that I’ve embedded in my blog.

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I use Yahoo Pipes, a wordpress weblog and a plugin called KB_RSS to aggregate my social web stuff to my blog front page

RSS is the way to go, in my opinion, because it’s usually cross compatible. It’s like using DRM free MP3s – no matter what service comes along they probably support it!

A 3rd party solution could eventually crack this – but I’d rather have full control. Friendfeed has tried but in my opinion this kind of thing could only be nailed by something with the critical mass of, say, a certain social networking site already heavily using RSS for information aggregation…

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