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Ear congestion remedies?

Asked by tmerino (13points) January 25th, 2009

I have had congestion in my right ear for a week. I have no cold or flu. I had strep throat about three weeks ago. The congestion comes and goes – some days worse than others, but it is never completely gone. I have tried everything, decongestants, peroxide, vinegar & alcohol, ear pain drops, but nothing clears it up. It doesn’t really hurt but I am experience dizzy spells and certain sounds are painful. Any ideas?

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Stop putting any kind of medicine or solutions in your ear, right away. Because you’re getting dizzy and certain noises hurt, you could very well have a broken eardrum. You do not want to get it wet, if that’s the case. It can cause an ear infection or hearing loss. Make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor the first chance you get.

It may not be broken, but really, you should place it safe for the sake of your hearing. (I had a broken eardrum and would get dizzy, along with certain sounds hurting my ears, which is why I urge you to go.)

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Get to the doctor.. I’m not joking.

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Go get a grommit fitted,you are getting no air to your inner ear.

Get Grommit,problem solved.

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grommit in UK= tube in US

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Putting things in your ear will do nothing if the pain is coming from the inside out, and may very well make things worse. Go and see a doctor, if it has lasted this long it may be an infection that requires antibiotics to fix. Painful sounds means your ears are really not doing well, and you really don’t want to be messing around with your hearing, cause once it’s gone, it’s gone. Go to a doctor.

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Thanks for the responses. I figured I better see someone. Does it have to be an ENT or can I just call my regular doctor in the morning? I don’t know of any good ENTs in my area…

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Regular doctor should be fine, to start. Maybe it isn’t a ruptured eardrum? Maybe you have an inner ear infection? Your doc should be able to sirt some things out +/- give you a referral, if necessary.

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OK so the Dr. says there is nothing wrong with my ear!! She thinks it is TMJ? Anybody know anything about TMJ?

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Here you go (this is one of my favorite websites to explain common medical problems.)

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