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How do I get rid of this gagging feeling?

Asked by isuppose (733points) September 25th, 2010

Hey guys
For the past 3 hours I’ve had this feeling in the back of my throat like I’m about to gag, but I don’t. I’ve eaten and drunk water, but I can’t figure out how to get this to go away. It’s making me miserable! Has this ever happened to you? What can I do to fix it?

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Is there something stuck in your throat?

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Have you been sick lately? Runny nose?

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@zwingli yeah I have a cold, but it’s basically done with. any ideas on how to make it stop?

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Did you try gargling water and spitting that out? Maybe try running a hot shower to get the steam to enter your throat to see if it will loosen up what is making you uncomfortable.

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Do you smoke?

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@lillycoyote no
@zwingli I’ll try that, thanks.

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@isuppose O.K., well, then, my only suggestion would have been for you to stop so I’m out of gas here. Good luck.

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It sounds as if you have post nasal drip. It can be because of your past cold or even allergies. I often have it at night. Typically it is when you are reclining but can happen any time. Gargling with salt water definitely helps. You can also try a throat lozenge. It also helps to drink lots of fluids.

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I think I know what is causing you to feel this symptom: a burnt throat or esophagus. Either irritated or burnt. It takes a few days, up to a few weeks to heal. It has the sensation of feeling like your throat is closing in. It can be caused by foods, GIRD/acid reflux, or a cold.

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I also suggest trying a salt water gargle.

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Several years ago, I was undergoing a lot of stress and had this same sensation. Doctor couldn’t figure out any physical cause; then I read a description of this condition. Note that they argue about whether anxiety by itself causes the condition or anxiety causes other conditions (acid reflux, for example) that lead to the sensation. Anyway, if you’re stressed out, that could be part of it.

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