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Is it "faithful day" or "fateful day"?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) January 25th, 2009

When referring to an important day in your life, do you say “that faithful day” or “that fateful day”?

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I believe the term generally used is “fateful”, but “faithful” may be apropos if the important event was religious in nature.

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Faith inspires one to think more of a religious side

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In fact, I would go so far as to say that some people may use “faithful” on occasion to refer to religiously momentous events, but that they are intentionally spinning the original phrase that uses “fateful” for effect.

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@amanderveen I agree…then there are probably some people who use both, not knowing the difference :)

“Fateful” is what I’ll go with – thanks!

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I’m pretty religious and I’ve never heard it said as “that faithful day”. Always “that fateful day.”

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Or you could go the Carroll route and call it a frabjous day!

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It’s a shpedoinkle day!!!

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It’s a fateful day because it refers to a day when something occurs that changes the course of events or has tremendous consequences, as if it altered one’s fate. It would not make sense to speak of a day as something that possesses faith; none of these definitions applies to a day.

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…but the usage is “fateful day,” to answer the question.

Edit – Jeruba is right as usual and I’ve corrected myself!

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You can speak of “one fateful day,” a fateful meeting, a fateful occasion, etc. The phrase often includes “that,” but it doesn’t have to.

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Is’t faithful or fateful

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