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Where can I find the best reference for male hebrew names?

Asked by Bedlore (4points) October 1st, 2007

I would like to find a good name for my baby boy about to be born.

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congrats, and best of luck

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Go to your nearest library/book store and ask about Jewish/Hebrew babynaming books.

Mazal tov!

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Are you naming him for someone in the family who is no longer with you? That would help narrow it down. We named my son Yakov, (for his grandfather, who had just died), and called him John. So exciting…treasure every moment of the experience.

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If you are looking for Hebrew, as opposed to Yiddish names, you could check the Torah for some more traditional names. My wife wisely vetoed my requests for Zechariah and Jehoshaphet.

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check out The New Jewish Baby Book by Anita Diamant
(she is also the author of The Red Tent and The New Jewish Wedding). A few of my friends who have had babies have found names they liked in that book…

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