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Is there a homemade alternative to draino?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) October 1st, 2007

our shower is draining slowly and before I dump chemicals down the drain, I wanted to know if there was an effective alternative….

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Take out plug, unbend wire clothes hanger and try to snag the matted and clotted hair that is probably blocking the drainage. Works for me every time. Then buy a little plastic drain cover that will catch the hair when you shower. I am amazed at how much hair is there after each shower.

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(Baking soda + Salt), followed by Vinegar & a boiling water chaser can clear some clogs. I’ve certainly had it speed up slow drains.

The harsh chemicals, however, do work quite well at dissolving hair clogs.

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Oh, and sulfuric acid works too, but you’re as likely to get a severe chemical burn using it as get your drain unclogged.

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Whole Foods and its ilk have natural drain uncloggers in the cleaning products aisle. Although I must admit—I tried to use one once, and it was totally ineffetive.

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So frustrating that gailcalled and bpeoples have already answered this so well, because
I absolutely know that these steps will work, and would love to have been the first. I use a big cup of baking soda followed excitingly by a glug of white vinegar (my fave all-purpose cleaner) and watch the bubbles break up the ick; but this will not dissolve hair; for that you must do as gail says. Especially the part about the little plastic grid that keeps hair out of the drain in the future.
If you live with children, by all means show them the baking-soda/vinegar trick, they’ll love it.

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I come from a family of plumbers. We wash a carton (round box kind from the store) of salt disolved in VERY VERY hot water down our drains once a month. Every now and then, too, I will sprinkle baking soda, followed by vinegar down the drain. Not really sure if that last one actually WORKS (I’ve heard it does) but I like to watch the reaction of the two elements. It’s like chemistry at home! :) But, even with all that, I have very long hair, so I still have to clean out the bath tub drain plug periodically.

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