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What is the black gunk coming out of my shower?

Asked by occ (4179points) May 13th, 2007
When I turn on the hot water, every once in a while black gunk comes out of my shower or bathroom sink. it's sticky, stains the porcelain, and I have no idea where it's coming from. Does this happen to anyone else? how do I fix it? this only happens about once every couple weeks.
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Ew. Do you rent/own? What water district are you in? Any recent plumbing (last 6 months)?
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"Any recent plumbing work?"
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that's disgusting. call yer landlord.
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Sounds like a potential health hazard. I would get a hold of the landlord asap. I had some strange black loose kind of stuff coming out of the vent in the bathroom when I first moved in, and they were able to vacuum it away--but this sounds rather more alarming--even.
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I have the exact same problem! Did you ever find out what the problem was? I rent and I dont know of any recent plumbing work was done. .. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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hi Adam, yes, we didfind out! It was from the lining of the waterheater…the rubber corroded. We got our landlord to replace it and the problem went away!

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im not sure but it might be somthing under the shower so you might want to chek it out to see what is going on under the shower or under the house

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Is there hydro-fracking going on in your neighborhood?
Do any of your neighbors have the same problem?

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