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Is there any free or reasonably priced software for adding "move to folder" shortcuts to Apple Mail?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) January 27th, 2009

I have an “Archive” folder, and it would be rather useful to be able press y or some key combination to move selected emails to the folder. All I’ve seen is Mail Act-On, and while I thoroughly enjoy buying good software, this really seems like something that shouldn’t cost $25. Can you suggest anything?

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Automator – build your own action with OSX. Don’t pay a dime.

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This should work…. Note: I didn’t test it.

tell application “Mail”
move the selection to mailbox “Archive”
end tell

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(the above definitely works)

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cuddles lefteh

I’m not sure how you could bind it to a key combo without paying for software to do it. But it can be ran from the scripts menu if you have that enabled.

edit :: and applescript rules.

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I wish Mail had the option to assign shortcut keys to Move to Folder. It’s a pretty common action and would be very useful.

Thanks for the script JP, I’ll report back if I can find a way to bind it to a key combo. :)

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Is the “Move to >” command in the “Message” menu not what you are looking for?

[edit] It is also in the contextual menu.

If you have Leopard, you can give any Menu Item a keyboard command.

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I have been drinking and using xCode.. But it should work. It doesn’t hurt. (I think)

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To bind a script to a key, use quicksilver. It’s free!

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@jackley Could you explain how I assign keyboard commands to any menu item, I haven’t heard of that before? Yeah; I’m using Leopard.

I could go through the menus, but I love the idea of this workflow:
– Read email #1
– Okay, need to deal with that in a bit with a phone call, so leave it in my Inbox
– Press down key to get to email #2
– Don’t need to deal with that, press a key to send to Archive folder
– Email #3 is now highlighted
– Okay, I need to reply to that, press the reply key combination
– Type reply
– Press the send key combination
– Okay, dealt with that, press a key to send to Archive folder
...and so on. When I’m doing this in the morning with all the email I get from people in the US, a key combination for moving the message I’ve just read to the archive would be so useful. Going through the contextual menus to the move option takes too long; I might aswell drag the email. I also don’t want to highlight them when I’m done so I can drag them; because then I have to re-read all the subjects and remember whether or not it’s dealt with or it needs to stay in my Inbox for the moment.

You can do this exact thing in Gmail with the shortcuts (pressing Y archives the selected thread), but I want to use because MobileMe is so useful to me with iPhone/Desktop syncing.

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