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What could i do to slowly phase out use of aol mail?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) July 7th, 2008

I want to migrate all my mail to my .mac/.me email address. to do this i need to phase out use of my aol account (its one of the free ones so you know). the problem is that aol doesnt have automatic mail forwarding. how would you guys recommend i start the transition?

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Send an e-mail out to everyone on your contacts list informing them of your new e-mail address. Tell them you’ll only be checking your AOL mail periodically. Most will update their records. For those that don’t, remind them when you respond to their e-mails.

It may take a few months of having both accounts, but it’s really the only way absent auto-responders and mail forwarding.

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Then change your address with all the websites (like fluther) you belong to and all the newsletters you recieve.

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And congrats on dumping AOL! :)

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ah that should be easy enough. can i simply drag all my contacts from my address book into a mass email and it will send to all of them with an email address? sorry i would check this but im on a pc at work right now

thanks pupntaco, it gets really annoying and with mobile me coming out theres no use in having anything else

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What I did when I made a gmail account I set it up, and took everyone on my hotmail list and just emailed them using my gmail and .. bam

See if AOL has a contact “exporter”, then check to see what contact exports .mac can import (probably tons), and then go back to your AOL account, export your contacts, then use the importer at .mac to import them.

shouldn’t be to hard to do.

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i really dont have any aol contacts stored on my aol webmail. they are all stored in address book because i use aol with apple mail. so it shouldnt be too hard because i have the same contacts for both. the only thing im worried about is getting rid of the aol account and missing emails but i think if i use the method above i can avoid this

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Well if you’re worried, don’t delete it right away. I made my gmail account back around February or something like that, and I still have my hotmail, and keeping track of where I’m getting emails from, and I plan on following it until the beginning of next year, I think a year is plenty of time to contact me through my old email lol and if not then surely just look up my screen name and you can find me about anywhere.

So I’d just suggest that, follow it for about a year or 6 months or so, give it some time, and change email addresses at forums and websites as needed, and you should be just fine.

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