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If you could read you significant others mind what do you think they would be thinking?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) January 27th, 2009

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ha. oh, if only!
I am thinking they are thinking that I think too much.

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At this very moment? She’d be thinking about escrow impound fees, pre-quals, and FHA guidelines.

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“God, my husband is HOT!”

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hahaha. I’m sure most girls or guys are thinking that about there husbands\ boyfriends or wife’s\girlfriends

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THAT is an excellent example of… “Be Careful What you Wish For”... we probably don’t Want to know a Lot of the time! (smile)

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lol. ya sometimes I’m sure we don’t. But still fun to think about what would they be thinking about

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I don’t think I would want to know…

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“Why wont you die? I need my money!”

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God, why aren’t there any AstroChucks in the real world?

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lol. thats an interesting one

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“Will my Godforsaken husband EVER learn how to cook?”

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I’m sure most girls are thinking that. LOL. My boyfriend cant cook

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I was so lost and alone until I found her. My life has been so much better with her… but then she found that damned fluther, and now I’m lonely again!

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That’s my wife!
Except for the “she” part, of course.

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Right now he’d be thinking “Oh, what a great dream. I love sleeping.”

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lol. ya that’s what mine would be thinking too

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