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What is a rape fantasy about anyway?

Asked by nebule (16446points) January 28th, 2009

Does anyone have rape fantasies?
Why do you think people have them?

please note i am PURELY talking about fantasy here and in no way intending to condone the act of rape itself, nor do i intend to offend anyone, although no doubt will by the nature of the question…

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Control. Power. Being powerless. Domination. Thrill.
The usual.

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doing something taboo, as regards to acting about the fantasy. obviously actual rape is a bit more than taboo. and what @asmonet said.

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also: do you think there is something wrong with a person that has rape fantasies?

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I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with having any type of strange fantasy, including violent ones, as long as the person acknowledges it is a fantasy and does not attempt to act on it in an inappropriate manner. I think it becomes a problem when the person starts bringing elements of it into their life such that it begins to interfere with regular living or infringes on non consenting individuals.
Having fantasies of domination or dominating and finding a real life partner who consents, and experimenting respectfully and with agreed upon rules: totally fine.
Having fantasies and starting to harass people, or seriously think about harassing people: not suitable, time to get help.

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@lynneblundell: Nah, it’s pretty common. You’d be surprised how much so.

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I have no idea whether this is true, but I’d guess that people with rape fantasies are more likely to come from families that were very uptight about sex. In a rape fantasy, you can have your fun, but not be responsible for it.

Then there’s all the stuff Asmonet said. Also, I agree with dynamicduo.

People often mistake having a fantasy for wanting something in real life. Straight men with gay fantasies don’t really want gay sex. Women with rape fantasies don’t really want to be raped by a stranger. Dominants and submissives don’t really want to hurt or be hurt, at least, not too much. Pain and fear can result in enhanced pleasure, oddly enough. My point is that a fantasy is a fantasy, and it doesn’t mean you really want it in real life.

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Theres nothing wrong with people who have this. Its really about lack of control and being subjected to things that you normally would not allow to happen. And yeah everything everyone else has said. I mean speaking from a mans point of view, who hasn’t wanted a beautiful woman to bust down their door and tear off your cloths despite objections…

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Being powerless is a complete turn on. Tie me down, blindfold my eyes, and do as you please, please.

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lol alright, then from a Straight mans point of view.

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@chelseababyy umm…i read your offer carefully, and i think im gonna have to say yes ;) lol

kidding obv.

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I have a fantasy like this. But its important to understand that it is not the act of rape itself. Its the thought of being powerless and your partner taking control.
I would never ever dream about being raped. By anyone.

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I don’t put much credence in the myth of female rape fantasies. I searched and found some sites, but I’m on my phone. Plus, I think it’s dangerous.

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@tinyfaery: The myth of them? Can you elaborate?

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Search. I am on my phone. In my gender studies classes we talked about it. Sure, a few women might have such fantasies, but if we generalize, like people often do, then we are left with the idea that if women (not a woman, or a few women, but women in general) have rape fantasies then why would rape be considered a crime. But don’t believe me. Look it up. Preferably in academic journals, not google.

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Ah, see I misread I think, I thought you were referring to the rape fantasy itself as being a fabrication. Which didn’t seem like you at all. I think understand your original point now, thanks for clearing that up.

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@futurelaker88 hahahahahaha. Why? Can’t handle being oh so dominant? :D

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doing something wrong has always been appealing to mankind…

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@chelseababyy u kidding? lol. it just makes it all the better when u kno the person wants it like that ;)

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@NaturalMineralWater yes, but why is it appealing?

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@lynneblundell Candy is good too.. but if you eat too much it will rot your teeth. Candy is appealing because it tastes good.. it is a pleasurable feeling because that’s just how the chemicals work in our brain..the taste buds on our tongues.. they work that way because we were born with a sinful nature.. and of course, not all things that feel good are bad just as not all things that feel bad are bad.. but in our hearts we already know the difference

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Um, our taste buds work because of the way our brain is hardwired, not because we were born with a sinful nature. Case in point: I was not born with a sinful nature, and my taste buds work fine! As do many other people who are not born with a sinful nature.

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@dynamicduo you misunderstood my analogy but that’s ok.. it was directed at lynneblundell anyway =)

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By all means, clarify your analogy if you’d like to. I’m sure I’m not the only one who misunderstood it.

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It’s appealing because you are getting your deepest, darkest fantasies and perversions satisfied and you don’t have to own those things…. you are the ‘victim’ with no control of what is happening. No burden of responsibility for being a deviant :P Much the same with BDSM.

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It’s about surrendering control. Maintaining control of ones self and ones life is tiring, sometimes you just want to let it go.

It can also be about having an excuse for sexual behavior one feels guilty about.

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