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what's the best anti chafe product for runners?

Asked by magich (13points) October 2nd, 2007 from iPhone

my friend is running the NY marathon and wants to protect his thighs.

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Bodyglide works great for me. On longer runs I use it in combination with compression shorts.

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I’ve ended up turning my thighs and underarms into hamburger meat in a marathon before. Bodyglide is a great product, but compression shorts and a tight fitting, sleeved t-shirt are the things that will save you after it wears off.

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With the performance fabrics of shorts and shirts these days, they are often themselves a source of chafing… anyone see The Office (Episode 401, “Fun Run”) last week? ;-)

Anyway, BodyGlide on the nips is a life saver!

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Boudreaux’s butt paste! I ran for years. I ran as much as 13 miles a day. Was in the military and did many of days in the field too.This stuff works!

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i always wondered if i was the only one who got nip chafe…
only when its REALLY cold tho…
PS, i’m a boy

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