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Do you usually stay loyal to a certain gas station or do you go for the cheapest gas?

Asked by millastrellas (425points) January 28th, 2009

First of all, I am curious as to how much gas is where you all live, and whether you all go for the cheapest gas station or go with convenience and stay with the station that is along the way, even if the one across the street is 2 cents cheaper. Also, is you do have a preferred gas station, which is it, and do you all really think there is a difference in each one’s gas?

Currently, gas is about $2.89 where I live, and usually I always find myself going to Circle K. (I think its usually their coffee that brings me there all the time).

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wawa is usually always the cheapest station in town, so i go there. about $1.67 right now, i believe.

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I used to buy gas at a place that was usually higher because I had crush on the cute girl that worked there.

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I go wherever the gas is cheapest. My father is very loyal to the Delta station. He claims that the guy there knows if he goes to another gas station. This is not true, and even if it were, who cares? My father, apparently. But it’s funny you asked. I wouldn’t have thought other people have loyalty to a particular gas station.

Gas is around $1.63 around here.

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Where I live now is awesome for fueling up, because I’m .2 miles from the cheapest regular gas station and about 1.5 miles from Costco. I think it’s about $1.72, but I haven’t payed attention.

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I can’t remember the name of the station, I think it’s Sunoco. It’s around 1.79 – Costco is a little less, but not a huge difference. What kills us is the station across the street from Sunoco, 76/Circle K – is 13 cents more than the Sunoco and the Sunoco is pretty close to being on target with all of the other stations around town.

We’re not loyal, it just seems that it works out that we need gas, it’s right outside of our neighborhood and we fill up there…that’s all, it’s just more convenient!

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My Dad co-owned a little neighborhood gas station for many years. He worked there evenings, after his regular job, and Saturdays, when he dragged me along as part of his work ethic indoctrination program. It was a full-service station, and the service was indeed “full”. Every car that bought more than a couple of dollars of gas got all the glass cleaned, fluids checked, tires checked. We washed cars, by hand, for $5, and that included vacuuming out the trunk and wiping down the whole interior of the car.

Customers were extremely loyal. We knew the names of half the customers, where they lived (because we’d shuttle their cars back and forth for them) and what was going on in their lives at any given time.

Thirty years later, I buy my gas at the cheapest place I can find. I never even see the people running the place. It costs me 50 cents to make a little compressor run long enough to fill 3 (but not 4) of my tires. Going to the gas station has become a soul-less and impoverishing chore. Loyalty? Hardly.

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Good story, @Harp.

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I’m all for cheap!

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nashville its $1.75, if i can find it cheaper than that i dont care if its Starbucks that is selling it, i go for the cheapest

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Cheaper, the better, though my brother, an auto mechanic would have a fit to read this.
@harp, I remember those days. I used to date a gas guy, and would drop by the station for 50 cents of gas. ( I know I am dating myself here).

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I balance between the two. I like the guys up at the corner but they do not always have the cheapest gas. I, too, am a Costco guy. A few years back after Katrina we had a little gas scare here in Atlanta. It was partly media induced. But there were a few stations that conducted price gouging by charging 5 bucks a gallon. I will never go there. Even if they are more convenient and cheaper.

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i go to whatever station strikes my fancy at the time regardless of price.. i’m not much of a penny pincher though.. i prefer to pinch dollars instead.. in other areas

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I buy from a station that sends me money a couple times a year. Loyalty pays, quite literally.

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I am going to whatever station still offers free air pressure. Which in this case, is Shell. I will admit I have developed loyalty for them over the past winter for their air service.

Oh, gas prices, it’s been hovering around 75 cents a litre, though I got twenty bucks / three-quarters of a tank at 71 today.

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Wherever it’s cheap, I have no loyalty. What have multinational corporations ever done for me?

I have a handy little app on my iPhone that shows local stations sorted by price. :)

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i stay loyal to a certain gas station because it’s close to my house and it has milk and all those other last-minute items. it happens to be very close to a major highway, so obviously gas prices are higher, but you have to pay for convenience, so i choose convenience.

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I’m pretty loyal to the local shell station. It is usually the same price as the other ones in town, but sometimes it is a little more. I think the reason I go there, is because it is the nicest and best looking one in town.
Gas is $1.89 here.

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I go for a combination of lowest price and most convienient location. There is a Turkey Hill Gas Station right along the route that I travel almost every day and they seem to always have the lowest price. I have also noticed that their gas doesn’t burn off too quickly either. A full tank seems to last a while and I drive around quite a bit.

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cheapest…costco, it’s about 1.97, I think…

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