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What are some indoor places where my 1-year-old can play in NYC?

Asked by marauder76 (390points) January 29th, 2009

Looking for spots in Manhattan or Brooklyn… safe, fun areas where little ones can toddle around and play… ideally for free.

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public library children’s area.

mc donalds’ has indoor play spaces (not all mcdonald’s do – check website).

i asked something similar to this about a month ago, i have a 20 month old. i got a lot of answers referring to games i can play at home, which was not quite what i wanted. i, too, struggle to find places to bring her. here near where i live (near danbury ct) we have a mall (danbury fair mall) that has a carousel and indoor play area for kids. for you this is about an hour away.

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You don’t actually have to pay for the Museum of Natural History.
They have a suggested donation of $20 i think, but if you give them $1 they will still let you in. There might be a little room in there to toddle around.

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This is a list from Time Out NY. Unfortunately, there’s very few play spaces that are free, but it occurs to me that if there’s a “Storytime” at a library near you, that might be a good start. Perhaps other parents at such a gathering would know of other places as well. Good luck! And welcome!

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