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What science fiction or fantasy world would you live in and why?

Asked by VisionaryAdvait (167points) January 29th, 2009

If you could live in a fantasy world or science fiction world from a movie or novel what one would you live in?

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The Whoniverse, travelling in my own TARDIS. Life would be so exciting, plus I could get the winning lottery numbers before they called them.
Ladies dig a guy with money.

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I’d probably opt for living in the 22nd century when the Star Trek timeline took place. It would be pretty amazing to discover all kinds of new life forms and go warp driving all over the universe. I’m pretty sure the Neutral Zone would suck for the most part though.

My second choice would be living in the Lord of the Rings universe and hanging out with Legolas the elf, Aragorn the ranger, and Gandalf the sorcerer. Not much need for justification here – that world and all that fantasy and adventure would be simply incredible. Enough said.

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I’d live in the movie “Singin in the Rain”.. yes I’m aware it’s corny.. it’s still my answer. =)

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The Discworld, as long as I was not too close to the Rim.

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It could be kinda cool to hang out in Xanth. A world where puns are the stuff of life… could be fun, lol.

Other than that, the fantasy world in my head would be nice. Especially since I get to make up all the rules and have whatever abilities I want. Trying out levitating would be a blast! :o)

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I’d want to hang out with Xena!

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The Discworld, Whoniverse or as a stringer for the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. Wouldn’t it be fun to hang out with Ford Prefect?

I’d go onto Red Dwarf/Starbug just long enough to give Arnold Rimmer a good, swift kick up the arse, then leave.

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For Sci Fi, I´d go for either a PA setting, or Heinleins Lunar colony setting.
Fantasy world would have to be feists Midkemnia universe :)

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I’d live in Omelas. Or, at least, I’d start off there. I might walk away. I’ve never been able to figure that out for sure.

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I’d be a Hobbit and live happily in the Shire just praying that that weird wizard dude doesn’t show up with any “you’ve got to save Middle Earth” quests for me to go on.

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Heroes – as long as I had the power to write decent scripts.

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In the mainframe with TRON!!!

or maybe kanto. it’d be cool to have little animals.

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Hatty Potter!!!! I wanna go to Hogwarts, I wanna do magic.

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lol narnia….why would anyone not want to ride aslan and hop over castles?!?!

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I’d want to live in New Crobuzon, located on the continent of Rohagi. My goodness, that city is full of surprises, and fantastic architecture. Peoples of many different planets (?) live there, and magic coexists with technology. It’s not all good. It has a very seamy side, just as real life does. But damn! Is it interesting! China Mieville is an amazing writer!

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The world in Andre Norton’s Catseye so I could communicate telepathically with animals. Umm, can I please leave the giant spider out?

(This was the first science fiction novel I ever read and got me started on a lifelong pleasure.)

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Neverland. No doubt about it.
I think it would be so lovely to live in a little world with so many adventures and no worries… And Peter Pan of course.

That, or Wonderland. I’d make Alice my bestie.

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The world from the Wheel of Time because it sounds awesome.

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@Misslexi you forgot to mention Michael Jackson. lol

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o_O Ew.

Star Wars would my first choice, but how cool would it be to go on adventures like Indiana Jones?

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Almost forgot the Stargate universe! I wanna run around with Jack and Sam, carry a P90, insult Daniel and arm wrestle Teal’c (once).

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Twilight. I too want an emotionally abusive boyfriend.

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Me three!

Oh oh. Did I say that out loud?

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In Stephen King’s Dark Tower/Talisman multiverse.

I’d live to go trippin’ the Territories with Jack and Wolf and Save the worlds with Roland and co.

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The world from Lynn Flewelling’s Nightrunner series which, as far as I can figure out, doesn’t have a name because it has a nice blend of magic and sanity, and also manages to have rough gender equality… bonus!

Otherwise, the Seven Kingdoms, from Kristen Cashore’s Graceling—who wouldn’t want to have a Grace? Instant excellent musician…

and if you haven’t read those books, you should; they are excellent

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Shanara anyone? Maybe Pern?

i’d hate to be the only dragonrider afraid of heights

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I would like to live in the world of my own stories, after the main action happened. then I could ask how everything went, which would save me the trouble of working out the plots.

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Star Trek Next Generation

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The communal society from Persistence of Vision by John Varley, or IN the moon Titan from the Gaia Trilogy, also by John Varley. Both places are awesome, incredible, and filled with the sorts of creatures/beings I would bond with immediately.

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good ones! (I haven’t read the Gaia trilogy, though.) on the subject of ones I have heard about though not actually read, the Culture. though I think a lot of fictional worlds make for great places to experience vicariously, they would suck to live in, actually.

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The worlds from The Longest Journey games. Arcadia and Stark. Magic and Technology. Not to mention who wouldn’t want a sarcastic talking Crow as a friend.

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Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy universe because of the infinite improbability drive.

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I would say the parallel earth extant in Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series, but I’m itching to have the ability to wield magic like those in the video game The Elder Scrolls. Perhaps Oblivion but with more dragons XD

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Star Trek TNG (pre-Borg, since I get to choose), or Rivendell.

But would Rivendell be boring after a while?

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@Blondesjon darn fine answer, good sir! That would be my pick as well. I would like to have seen Jericho Hill.

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I would rather visit the various worlds, and not have to pick just one. I want vacation homes scattered across Middle Earth. I want a cabin on the Enterprise. I want to visit a stock Steampunk world from time to time. I want to visit Renaissance Europe.
And so on.

@careerbassmaster GA for picking a universe that makes all the rest possible!

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When I was a kid, I imagined living in the Dragonriders of Pern universe. I really wanted to Impress a dragon, although I also thought it might be cool to be a harper.

I’d still like that, but I also might choose the Wheel of Time universe. I’d become an Aes Sedai, and probably choose the Brown or Yellow Ajah.

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I’d really love it if I’d be in the world of Percy Jackson where Greek mythology really exists. But I also want a world just like the novel “Guardian of the Gate” or “Prophecy of the Sisters.”

It would be great..!! :DD

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