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What RSS feeds do you follow?

Asked by jlm11f (12378points) February 1st, 2009

Is follow even the right term for this? Bonus: What feedreader do you use?

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I don’t even know what an RSS feed is.

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I follow Fluther, and I use feedly.

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There’s a gigantic range, of course (most blogs and many websites provide feeds at this point), so if you specify your interests we can help you out much more.

Here are a few of my favorite general-interest ones you may not have heard of:

great culture, arts, science essays –
beautiful travel photo blog –
awesome & weird –
lots of free feeds of stuff from the magazine –

And my favorite feed reader by far is Bloglines—I think it’s much more elegant than Google Reader (and it has the best handheld versions for both iPhone and BlackBerry).

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@cirrina – I really just want to know what people follow, and perhaps add some more to mine in the process? Oh, and thanks for mentioning the photo blog! I love it!

The ones I follow right now are CNN, NYT (health), WebMD, LifeHacker, About.HeartDisease, and BBC News.

@petethepothead – Yay you got feedly :)

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@PnL – The term is usually subscribe ;)

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Well… Good luck spitting through the 331 subscriptions I’ve got atm. I could give you the OPML file, but I don’t think it’ll be worth the trouble for you :P

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tuaw (the unofficial apple weblog)
duke city fix
blog of tim ferriss (4 hour workweek guy)
cabel blog (defunct)
wombat nation (my cousin’s)

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@benseven – Ah thanks!

@Vincentt – What?? How do you even go through that? I feel that 331 subscriptions would just intimidate me and I would neglect to go through my RSS feeds at all.

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A very long list that I read using Bloglines…

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@PnL—Obviously, @Vincentt doesn’t sleep. Holy crap. I subscribe to about 75 feeds and I can’t keep up every day. It takes hours to read as much as I do, and I still need to use weekends to catch up.

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i’m not technology savvy in the least. but if this answers the question, i lurk alex doesn’t blog here anymore and a softer world and, of course, post secret, on a regular basis.

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Android Police
Android Australia
Usability Post
The Next Web

I Watch Stuff
Improv Everywhere
Flickr Blog
Lovely Package
I Believe In Advertising
But does it float

Toothpaste for Dinner
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Married to the Sea
Hark, a Vagrant
Super Effective
Google Sightseeing

and then podcasts:
Engadget Mobile
NPR Snap Judgement
NPR on the Media
NPR all songs considered
NPR Culturetopia
NPR planet money
NPR storycorps
This American Life
Triple J Hack
Triple J Sunday Night Safran

all done with Google Reader and Listen for Android

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