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how fast can my 99 v6 camaro really go?

Asked by kevinstone04 (6points) October 4th, 2007 from iPhone
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I have a 99 Trans Am but it’s a V8… the v6, i dunno… 120? 130?

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122. But in a V6 in 1999, GM’s injection system wasnt as sophisticated as it is today. Additionally, it should have a fuel shutoff around 112, should your RPM begin to rev to high. But, jumping back to injection, if you puch 120, your going to 1. Waste A LOT of fuel. 2. Risk fuel communication failures, which leads to the burning up of the fuel pump, and multiple sensors near the carbuerator and near the actual pump, which could be VERY costly.
——My Reccomendation——Sorry, you own a V6. General Motors>Chevrolet designs a V6 Camaro for one reason, and one reason only- It is manufactured to sell to people who want all the style and comfort and hype of a really powerful camaro, but dont want it to suck so much gas, which requires a smaller engine. Thus, meaning you dont get all the hyped up V8 horsepower under the hood either.

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