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Seeking a free service that will email me when someone leaves a voicemail at my existing phone number.

Asked by cirrina (187points) February 1st, 2009

I was using GotVoice, but they were bought by YouMail, which apparently isn’t free unless you have free Conditional Call Forwarding (which I don’t).

I don’t need any fancy features and I don’t need a new number—I just need email notification when I get a voicemail at my existing number (with at least one automatic check per day, i.e., with a 24-hour or shorter lag time between the person leaving the voicemail and me getting the email telling me that happened).

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not exactly what you’re looking for, but grand central is really handy. I think google bought them up a while back, so they should really take off sometime soon.

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Thanks, but I can’t use GC—need a service that works with an existing number. Does anyone know one?

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This isn’t free so it isn’t what you want but I get my home phone service through my cable company and everytime someone leaves me a voice mail I get a TEXT MESSAGE to my cell phone telling me I have a voice mail.

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Cool, that Verizon thing will help other people who see this thread! (I’m not a vz customer.)

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@Sorceren, yeah, it’s not “free”. You need to have Verizon phone service plus a couple of pay features.

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Is there no other service left that’s like GotVoice was? Free checks for voicemails left at an existing phone number?

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@Mr_M and everyone — I’m so sorry! It was advertised to me as free, but that may be because I do online billing with Verizon.

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