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Anyone know anything about derma roller?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) February 2nd, 2009

Does it really work? is it safe? Have you used it?

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Link? I got a derma wand and love it when I take the time to use it.

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I saw one of these at Neiman, now that you mention it. My issue was with poling little holes and leaving opening for infection. I liked the derma wand better because it used an electrical shock to do the same thing (build coligen) without breaking the skin. When I used it regularly I did get noticable ( aquantances comented on how good my skin looked) results.

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Do you think dermawand would help acne scars? Also are the result permanent or do they reverse if you dont continue using it?

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it may help breaak down the scars, but if you have acne do you want to be creating a new avenue for infection? That was my problem with the roller. The derma wand DOES help with scars.

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