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Can somebody please help me understand blood pressure?

Asked by pplufthesun (591points) February 2nd, 2009

So, I am a 17 year old boy, 6 foot 1, and am 140 pounds, and exercise moderately. Anyways, in class, we are doing a lab regarding blood pressure, and upon taking mine, It turns out that my resting is 129/92, and after completing jumping jacks got 106/77. Now, can somebody please tell me, am I prehypertension, or is the device wrong. Is this possible. I eat healthy and only have a fat heavy meal about once a week. Can somebody help me interpret these numbers.

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everything you want to know and way more than you ever needed to know as well

EDIT: I DID read what you wrote. The device is probably fine. Did you try another device?

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read what I wrote please.

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You could be. If you have a family history of it, I’ve heard it can be passed down. Or, it’s a possibility the device just didn’t work properly, especially if it was digital. Were you talking or moving? That can also throw off the reading.

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It’s very possible that you took a faulty reading.

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The lab was to do an activity for a certain amount of time and take it standing still. It was digital, and in addition, I do run on cross country, so I am just confused as to why it is so high just standing, and less when I do a physical activity.

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Did you run the test more than once? Did you run the test with more than one blood pressure monitor?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, you can’t discount the possibility of taking a faulty reading.

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I’m not sure. it should be the opposite way. I the machines sometimes aren’t correct happens sometimes in the clinic, But it odd that its the total opposite then it should be. It would say retake the test. stand perfectly still the first time\ sit down and then do jumping jacks and do standing and sitting perfectly still. If there’s still a problem maybe ask a doctor.

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after jax press higher

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The BP varies wildly in some people (regardless of age and physical condition). You may have been more relaxed after the jumping jacks and a little uptight during the first test. The location of the cuff is critical, as well (on some people) the arm used will give different readings. If you intentional strain during a BP test the pressure can go out of sight. Try to be as relaxed as possible and don’t strain or hold your breath.

I would drop by an ER and ask them to take your pressure, If, and it will be, a big pain, then go by a fire station and tell the EMT folks you were running a PB lab in class and you had a question about the numbers and ask them if they would take your BP. They won’t have any questions and paperwork and will give the results and upper and lower limits of normal for your age & weight & general condition.

A persons pressure is commonly lower after exercise when the vessels are dilated. The only thing about your initial numbers that looked out of the ordinary was the lower number during the resting test. It looks a little high.

The higher number repersents the mm of Hg ( milimerters of mercury) pressure when your heart contracts or pumps. The lower number is the mm of Hg when the heart is at rest and being refilled, preparing to pump again.

Not to worry you BUT: The machine may have been faulty OR (and I worked in a heart lab for 15 years as a cardiology PA) we had kids in the lab that looked great and very high blood pressures. The real high pressure cause a number of problems, none of them good in any age person. So be sure to verify your BP with a competent person. I am willing to bet it is just fine. But you have to check. Good luck. Let us know what you find out.

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@Cardinal – wha wha whaaaaaat? I’m sorry, you would “drop by” an emergency room?? Did you really say that? I’m kind of…just…confused….dumbfounded even…what?

You can get your blood pressure taken at Walgreens or many Krogers, and probably a lot of other clinics.

There’s no reason to go to an emergency room. Emergency rooms are for emergencies. When the receptionist asks you what your condition is, if someone said “There’s nothing wrong with me, I just want to have my blood pressure taken” (and it’s hard for me to imagine), I think he/she would promptly tell that person to leave, honestly.

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You wouldn’t be told to leave, you would just wait longer as you’re not a priority.

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longer, as in an indefinite amount of time? i mean, you already wait like 4 hours if you have a broken arm…

but clearly worth it because a measurement of blood pressure would be so different (better?) at the emergency room than ooh, i don’t know, your doctor’s office… your friend’s doctor’s office, your dentist’s office, your pharmacy, a random pharmacy that you walked into…or anyplace else…

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If you have a GP (family doctor) they will usually zip you in quickly and whip out the old sphygmomanometer for free.

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@La_chica_gomela: Maybe we just have a fantastic health system in my area, but I’ve never waited more than half an hour in an ER Lobby before seeing at least a nurse. No more than an hour to see a doctor for all non emergencies. But I agree, there are a ton of cheaper – free – places to get your BP checked.

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BP goes up after exercise your reading is wrong.

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Find a place that it can be taken manually to get an accurate reading. Don’t worry, everyone has a slightly different baseline. Also, even though you were physically resting during the first reading, that says little about your stress level, which has a significant impact.

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