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Does a person with ADD have a less likely chance of getting Alzheimer's then someone without it?

Asked by Sakata (3347points) February 2nd, 2009

I asked this question a few years ago to an ER nurse with a masters degree and she didn’t know the answer. She said that, as far as she knew, nobody had done a study on this. So…

If Alzheimer’s is most commonly found to affect people with less active brains, then would someone with ADD have a less likely chance of getting the disease because of their overactive brain?

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I am afraid ADD is unlikely to be a defense. I do not think, however, that this specific thing has been studied.

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Although I do not know of a study focused on ADD and alzheimer’s, there have been a lot of studies on alzheimer’s, they have not yet found a link to any specific cause.

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Not a cause but people who don’t exercise their brain’s throughout their lives have a greater chance of getting the disease. That’s been proven (as far as I know)

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Do you have a source for your information?

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Damn. Knew he was gonna say that.

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Well now, hang on. There’s gonna be an ironic payback in years to come if I’m right. Sakata, I believe your observation will prove to be significant. The enemy of all with the dreaded ADHD is boredom. Easily bored and restless, with quick minds, we move on to the most novel experience available. Therefore, unless we get stuck in hyperfocus, we stand a much better chance of bypassing Alzheimer’s. Of course, many ADHDers are stuck in hyperfocus, doing the same repetitive tasks and woe be them.

Off topic here….The very latest research shows that those with MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) stand a greater chance of getting Alzheimer’s. This is brand new thinking (published 4 months ago) since Alzheimer’s is “a disease” having nothing to do with “normal” decline in memory due to aging. If you want to read more about this, go to

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The only link I have found in my internet research is the initials AD are used for Alzheimer’s Disease, and often get confused with questions about ADD/ADHD

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