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Did the Psycedelic Art phenonmenon come out of riligious roots? Or is it merely an urge to be exotic?

Asked by archaeopteryx (1004points) February 3rd, 2009
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I’m not sure. I guess I would have to study up on riliigiioion.

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Riligious roots…do you smoke them?

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Sorry, archaeopteryx, I’m poking fun at you, and our age difference is showing. Psychedelic art has its basis in hallucinogenic drugs and the the Summer of Love. Which is why I asked if “riligious” (sic) roots can be smoked…

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Oh, okay, I think I got it.

Thanks. :-)

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It’s interesting that similarities can be seen between religious art, art that was produced by older cultures, the psychedelic art movement and art brut.

A lot of it seems to reflect on something that’s less a cultural phenomenon but more innate, more of an intuitive understanding or identification of form: shape, structure, repetition, balance.

I’m no psych major but it’s interesting in how it possibly relates to the structure of the mind and how it translates into conscious experience.

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Mind altering drugs translated into patterns on paper in the 60’s- lots of self -discovery books and a slant towards non material things.

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