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How do u feel abut using "hopefully" to mean "I" "one" "we" "he" etc. hopes.

Asked by gailcalder (77points) November 20th, 2006
"Hopefully" as an umbrella adverb has become part of the lingua franca but is considered less elegant than "I..other personal pronoun... hope." "I hope" tells you who is taking responsibility for the hoping. Maybe I am hopelessly outdated; I still hate the use of "impact" as a verb rather than "effect."
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Ever since I learned the 'correct' way, I prefer it.
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Though some would argue a language adapts organically and what used to be incorrect is now okay, though these people also enjoy "hilite" and "everyday."
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Ben, I hope that we are not alone...keeping the written language elegant and yet not hopelessly archaic is an interesting challenge. And there is the entirely new language of IM, which, IMHO, is not a matter 2 LOL about. OTOH, I am only a LOL.
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If you are using it as an adverb, go ahead with "hopefully," as in "I spoke hopefully," although it is perhaps more artful, elegant and poetic to say "I spoke with hope." The problem with "hopefully" is when it is used as a gap filler in place of "I hope," as you recognize. Further, it is often used when the speaker's intent is not to say they hope to do something, but rather they intend or expect to do something.
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Here is the perfect example: I am not the original source, more's the pity. "
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"Will his nose fall off his face?" the boy said hopefully. That means, of course, that the boy is full of hope and is fine w. the purists. Ben's dad and I talked about this does one keep the language from degrading too fast? Hossman sounds like he is also a keeper of the flame.
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I don't like it. It should describe an attitude. Fearfully does not mean "I fear;" prayerfully does not mean "I pray;" lovingly does not mean "I love;" so hopefully should not mean "I hope."

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