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How do freelance designers handle government taxation and client invoicing?

Asked by nashish (196points) February 5th, 2009

I’m a recent college graduate whose having trouble finding his first design job. I am starting to take freelance work as a serious possibility, and I want to do it properly.

In college I studied graphic design / visual communications and would really like a job in print until I can get my web skill set up. Most companies seem to be looking for web designers; perhaps I can find some print work in the freelance sector.

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If you’re freelance, or work with contracts via an agency, usually the taxes will be left for you to deduct and figure out. In regards to invoicing, if you freelance, it’s up to you to invoice and collect. This often leads to freelance designers requiring a nonrefundable retainer or some percentage of the final cost up front. I recommend you do some research into starting your own business if you really want to go freelance on your own. There may be classes offered by a branch of your government that can help. Or maybe a book about starting a business is enough to get some pointers as to what questions to ask next.

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Google information on the 1099, if you are in the US. That’s the freelancer’s version of the W2 form at tax time. Researching that should lead you to other information. And you can also look here, where there is a boatload of information for freelancers in general and design freelancers specifically. Good luck!

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Thanks a lot, my friends! :)

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