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How much should I charge for three t-shirt designs?

Asked by nashish (196points) September 3rd, 2009

I am in talks with someone concerning a potential t-shirt design I will do for them. The person has three different ideas they would like to be brought to life and they have been very good about keeping in touch with me to see what I am thinking. One of the issues they’ve contacted me about is pricing.

This is my first real freelance job since college and I don’t want to blow it by charging too much. It would be really helpful if anyone could throw some figures at me to get my head going. Perhaps even some articles that could help me out. I’d appreciate anything you folks can find.

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I think $20 and over for a shirt is ridiculous. I’d say maybe around 10–15 bucks

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there are 2 ways to do this is: 1. a royalty percentage which is around 3% in the industry
(of which you might want to ask for a $200+ fee for each design to go toward royalty sales down the road) ... #2 Is a flat fee per design.. depending on who is commissioning you, small /large company or an individual…. Do not under sell yourself.
BUt being you have just started… I would say at least $500 each… any ONLY sell rights to use the designs on t-shirt, no other printed material…. so you will still own the design rights… If you think these t-shirts are going to over 20 thousand I would do the royalty…just some food for thought. Good luck!

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@sunshine123 I am asking the potential client what the scope of this project is, whether its for a few individuals or some kind of organization. I asked them what their budget was, and what kind of rights they’d want with my work.

Your post was very helpful to me; I appreciate your input. Please continue to check back here for what I come up with. I’d like some more of your counseling.

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No Problem…I’ve done a ton of Licensing and have spoke at the New York Art expo on the subject… Sometimes licensing is best, sometimes just getting the money and calling it a day is best. Anyway be careful if down the road you go to KMart or Target and see your images on things that you are not getting paid for…put everything (usage rights)in a contract!

good Luck!

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