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Jailbroke 1g iPod touch, killed battery?

Asked by XCNuse (1197points) February 6th, 2009 from iPhone

I finally jailbroke my iPod the other night and love a lot of the settings etc… some things justmake things smoother and easier to get to

But… my battery life was cut almost in half, anyone else experience this?

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You do suffer a bit of battery loss post-jailbreak. Many jailbroken apps are able to run in the background, which apple doesn’t allow. Also, make sure you turned your brightness down.

I didn’t see that much of a decease, maybe only 45 minutes shorter life. All the apps you get from jailbreaking are certainly worth the battery life, at least to me.

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well i will admite i haven’t used my ipod full charged post jailbreak so i plan on doing that today, it’s charging now going to wait till it gets to fully charged.

i mean this morning the battery was at half, went to class listened to two songs, had wifi off, got to class turned wifi on for about half an hour and the battery dropped below 20% ...

it used to take me like 4 days until i would have to recharge my ipod.

are there any lists out there or even a program that will show what all jailbroken processes are running? I mean i found SBSettings (greatest thing in the world!, love being able to change brightness and wifi on and off on the fly), i got something that shows running processes but it’s just like mail and safari.. but those would always run in the background typically pre jailbroke when i didn’t know they were running in the background.

so what i’m asking for basically is.. is there any websites or programs or whatever to help improve battery life?

and no i don’t mean for the typical user, i’ve gone through everything on my ipod when it comes to apple’s settings and i have everything turned off, so turning wifi off blah blah, brightness, fetch.. all that stuff is turned off except when i need to use it.. which fetch is always off anyways.
so i’m just referring to jailbroken settings or stuff, is there anything out there to improve this?

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A battery has an expected lifetime of 2 years. (depending on use of course) so your 1g ipod suffering from a bad battery is normal.

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no it .. i used to be able to use my ipod for days, until three days ago when i jailbroke it, now it doesn’t last long at all..

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