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A place to spend the day. At cafe, library?

Asked by 2060 (33points) February 7th, 2009

If i dont feel like spending time at home with macbook while working, are there any great places where to work the afternoon on laptop? Any public places for example, like hyde park :D but what if its winter and i need to use a charger?

Library? wont they be mad at me there coz of me spending 6 hours there with mac and not with books?

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Starbucks, is all I can say. As long as you get a coffee now and then they’re cool with it.

Kinko’s is another option, if you don’t mind that they’re a bit run down and got quite bad chairs.

Libraries, hm depends, they come in all sizes and shapes, some of them are really nice places to be, some of them not so much.

I usually hang in a Starbucks in Barnes&Nobles, nice atmosphere.

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Oh, and i forgot to mention that im living in London. Actually if i spent the whole afternoon at Starbucks, it would looks kinda rude :) wouldn’t it?

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At a bookstore cafe.

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Hey hey, heya, back to my afternoon place with mac :D

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Sorry about that :)

Well, I don’t know, haven’t been in London for ages. I think as long as you get your coffee every now and then it would be okay, wouldn’t it?

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@TaoSan Yep :) i hope

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@toomuchcoffee911 that would be good also, thanks

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I guess nobody knows of more places than cafe and library, hmm :(

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Lots of people spend all day in the Library in my town. I think I’d rather do that than haunt a cafĂ©, if only because I’d be denying a waitron tips/business by taking up a table. (I’m sure if you left a stunningly huge tip, though, that might be okay.)

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You said Hyde Park and I thought you were in Chicago—I had some great ideas for you, but London? No clue.

We have a bunch of spaces that are basically hangout spaces in Chicago. We’ve got a few study cafes that are purposefully set up for kids to go and hang out or study.

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Oh thank you laureth and empress :) btw i got a friend in chicago, i will ask her, hahah. Thanks!!

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A very casual French cafe/coffee bar with Jazz musicians drifting in and out to perform their own brands of ‘music to sup mocha to’. Delightful.

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