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Can someone help me with my report on woodstock 1969?

Asked by asheliz (33points) February 9th, 2009

okay so i have to do a 5–10 pg report on a topic of my choice in order to graduate and i chose woodstock:the importance of it and how it changed music as we know it. an interview is necessary with someone that went and i can do it through email. if somebody could take the time to give me some info on it it would be greatly appreciated.

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I was only 4 and I don’t remember much. Then again, does anyone?

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I remember.

I think music had already made a major shift prior to Woodstock. But the event changed the voice of that generation in many ways besides just musically.

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I don’t think Woodstock “changed music as we know it” so you may be up against a problem there. The years 1966 – 1972 or so were a magic period that can’t be rivaled for the sheer volume of genius. It really was a cultural explosion. But the concert itself – although memorable – didn’t really change anything about the world.

Unfortunately, the late ‘70s through late ‘80s was the period that changed music as we know it – from an artist-driven means of creative expression to a corporate- and demographic-driven manufactured product.

Now having said that, there is an excellent book (probably out of print) called “From Camelot to Kent State” that is nothing but interviews with those who were there in those “magic years.” Worth tracking down.

Good luck on your paper.

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I wasn’t there either, but my impression is that Woodstock was a significant cultural event, not something that “changed music as we know it”. You may need to adjust the premise of your paper.

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Ummm…I wasn’t there but I would give my ex-husbands left and right nut to have been. let me just say this:

Jimi Hendrix’ Star Spangled Banner says so much.

On a lesser degree, Sha Na Na were important too.

CSNY might have secured Woodstock as an epoch.

Or, was it Country Joe and the Fish?


I just decide to check and here is the lineup

Dream about it.

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Forget interviewing, if you can remember it, you haven’t lived it :)

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