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my dad co signed on my first car, I financed it for four years and paid it off in two. Someone told me that i recieved no credit for the payoff being that my dad co signed. Is that true? Did my dad get the credit for that and I got the short end?

Asked by kevinstone04 (6points) October 7th, 2007 from iPhone
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Unfortunatly that is how it works. The reason is because his credit was on the line the whole time not yours. If you defaulted it only would affect him not you. Don’t blame your Dad though he has nothing to do with how credit works. He was helping you out.

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The way the bank sees it, or more important, the credit agencys. Your FATHER was THE responsible party for paying, and NOT defaulting on the loan.
The irony is if you had been late on payments or defaulted on the loan, it would of put a strike on BOTH your records. A true double standard.

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This is one example of how credit agencies pull stuff that screw customers. Another way is instead of offering lower interest rates on credits for good payment records, they raise your spending limit to keep you with higher rates and provide you with a better chance to stay in debit.

However you now have the car which you can use for collateral if you need to take out a personal loan for something and thus no need for your dad to sign.

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