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Special laundry detergent for athletic gear?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12547points) February 11th, 2009

I was at a specially running store a while back, and the staff and even other customers were touting this special laundry detergent designed for athletic gear. They had this whole spiel about how regular laundry detergent doesn’t “really” clean the synthetic fabrics that running clothes are made out of, etc. I didn’t bite, but I was curious.

My question is, if that was true, why isn’t Proctor and Gamble trying to sell me special detergent in the super-market? Lord knows they try sell me every other type of “special” detergent.

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ive never heard of this and cant imagine the “special” detergent you are talking about being any better than the reg stuff.

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The cost-benefit ratio might be wrong for the grocery store. It’s probably a lot easier to sell overpriced special laundry soap if you target your market accurately; if you just stick it on the shelf in the grocery store without people talking it up, it probably fails a simple price-comparison check.

It’s the same reason you go to the athletic gear store and not to Walmart if you’re looking for Under Armor or Nike Fit gear.

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I’m shooting the dark here, but I think La_chica has in mind something that works extra to remove the sweat smell that can get stuck in synthetic fibers. I know regular ol’ Tide doesn’t always do the trick for me. The smell can get stuck in there.

I’d imagine either adding baking soda or using a “baking soda”-infused detergent might help a bit. baking soda does a good job at removing smells.

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