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What is a good stainless steel electric kettle to buy? I'd like one with minimal plastic that might leach into the water.

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) November 21st, 2006
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I got all this info from Zoe, who's been doing tons of research on the very same topic: Breville makes two $70 dollar models, all stainless steal, well reviewed. And ChefMate makes a full stainless steal one for $40, if a little less elegant. Both on Amazon.
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hey, you beat me too it. Sorry I haven't had time to write. But Ben's basically got it. Of the two Breville (one looks like a modern tea kettle, and that's the one we're going to buy), this one sells on ebay, and I didn't read any reviews per se about it (only about the Breville that looks like a coffee pot), but we're going for it regardless. You definitely want to avoid anything that has plastic around the spout, even if it's stainless everywhere else.
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Compared with the plastic , the Stainless steel electric kettles aren’t embroiled in any health safety controversies. However many do have plastic parts that contact the water in the kettle: the lid, water level window, maximum water level mark. They are offered by many of the major manufacturers.
Double-walled stainless steel kettles (sometimes called “cool touch”) are safer as they are insulated and will not burn skin as easily if accidentally touched. Seamless one-piece stainless steel kettles are more reliable (less chance of leaking) and are easier to clean (no seams to trap dirt).
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