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What is the most romantic restaurant in Seattle?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) November 20th, 2006
I am taking my boyfriend out for his 30th birthday and want a restaurant with romantic ambience and great food.
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I am a big fan of the small restaurants like Le Gourmand (in Ballard, expensive, but lovely, charming, and dimly lit) and the Stumbling Goat (Greenwood, not so pricey, but nice atmosphere and slightly bigger and more private). Both of those places have awesome food.
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sorry, Brad's Swingside Cafe on Fremont Ave. Great food and atmosphere, very reasonable prices.
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of course this all depends on how you define 'romantic'...dark and candle lit with light jazz in the background?...
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I have to add Crave on 12th to this list. Delicious food and small place which lends it a cosy atmosphere.
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I would say special occassion/romantic is what I am looking for. Romantic defined in this siutation as quiet, candle lit, amorous food, good music...
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There's also Crush on Madison. In an old house, very good food, a bit pricey, nice feeling, and I think romantic, too. Low lights, etc.
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mccabe check out those two new restaurants on 12th between su and saas, right before union. lark or something, looks cute. see you at school on friday!
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I have a weird take on the definition of "romance" (the wackier and more unique, the better.) Serafina on Eastlake is a great romantic place, I also like Le Pichet and Restaurant Zoe. Richard's Bizarro in Wallingford is good entertainment, and less-expensive, and the wacky factor ameliorates any first-date weirdness.
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We ended up going to Serafina and it was EXCELLENT. I would highly recommend it for any event. Thanks for the great tips!
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Yeah! There's something about that restaurant that's just great. Glad I can help if my suggestion leaned you in that direction.

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