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Is there a way to avoid offensive questions?

Asked by cdwccrn (3600points) February 12th, 2009 from iPhone

Don’t really care to even SEE. Questions about private body parts. Can I block particular users or file a complaint?

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Not that I know of, but I would love this functionality, block all questions from a certain user or by certain keywords/tags.

Then again, I doubt it will be implemented. Fluther seems to be about giving love, not eliminating hate. Datapoint: we can’t remove lurve given (which sucks when you’re on an iPhone and you accidentally lurve an awful comment).

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It looks like it was pulled!

The only way, pass it by or to flag it – if you think it that bad.

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Offending question seems to have disappeared. Thank you.

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Now I’m curious. What was the question?

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@cdwccrn I’m guessing a mod (stepped in) or people flagged it – I don’t have the power! ;)

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@cak: can you flag via iPhone?

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@peyton: something about a -ock. Wasn’t really a question, but more a way to get attention.

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@cdwccrn – you should be able to flag via iPhone. I gave my iPhone to my husband – he uses it more, I have his hand me down! Read your questions, to the right of the “Great Answer” area, you should see “Flag as”. Click on that – you don’t have to pick one of the choices, just back out of it. It should take you to another screen with choices. You don’t even need to post.

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Well, if you add the people you “trust” to Your Fluther and then only use that when browsing the site, then you shouldn’t see questions pop up from questionable sources.

Of course, you might miss out on a lot of other stuff, too.

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What I want is an UnYourFluther list, so that I can browse the main page and not miss everyone’s questions, but I remain oblivious to new questions posted by certain users. Right now ignoring them is what I do, but come on, we have the technology!

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Try visiting

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@dynamicduo that link leads to a site about diabetes.

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Compared to other sites Fluther seems to be tops in getting rid of offensive and troll behavior.

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[Mod says] Clear-cut offensive or inappropriate questions are removed as soon as we see them, which occurs either because we happen to be on the site at that moment, or, more likely, when users flag the question and we step in to remove it. We really do depend on the Fluther community for this, so thanks as always for identifying bad or offensive Qs. Occasionally it might take a few minutes because one of the mods isn’t available instantaneously (or it is the middle of the night), but rest assured that we handle these issues as quickly as we can (and move rapidly to ban users that make a habit of trolling or making offensive comments or Qs).

Sometimes some users get frustrated that a flagged Q or quip stays up, but that is typically because it falls in a “gray area”. We do try to err on the side of allowing comments to stay however, in order to foster free and open discussion. That said, when this occurs, the mods will discuss the merits of removing versus keeping the comment and come to a consensus. All users should feel free to contact a mod directly if there are specific concerns, or use the contact link at the top of the screen.

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@GAMBIT It is the ONLY site I know of at this point that does respond to troll behavior and even the offensive stuff….One positive about Fluther for sure!

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@lollipop – :-), That is why I like it here.

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I wrote a greasemonkey script to remove stuff by certain users. But it is still a little buggy and it is a bit of a pain to add users to ignore. I will try and find some time to clean it up today.

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I agree, there’s quite a tremendous job being done on the back-end here. All removals I have noticed/witnessed so far were fair and made perfect sense. Kudos!.....err…..lurve….Kudos was another site ;)

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