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How does one use a Fedex Self Service station?

Asked by seekingwolf (10407points) February 12th, 2009

I have to mail a broken Kindle back to Amazon (yeah, I slipped 3 different times and landed on it every time and it broke, but I got a new one for free!)

Anyway, I digress. I need to ship it via Fedex because they have tracking numbers, which I need to get so Amazon will refund the shipping cost!

The closest mailing place is a Fedex self-serve station, but it’s a mile away. Has anyone used any of these? My package is about 1.5 pounds. I’ve never used one of these before and I have NO idea how to go about doing it.

Are you able to pay at the station and get a tracking number as well for the package?

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Yup. You can even pack, fill out your label and pay from home, and then drop it off at the station.

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Sweet! So I can just get all the labels/packing done before I go, and then just drop it off in the Fedex container?

About paying…well, how would I do that? I mean, don’t you have to weigh the package to determine the price? And could I pay online with a debit card?

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I believe so. The page I linked to is the first of three. So run through all of them (the second page is where you fill out and print the label that has the tracking number on it), and I think you pay at the end with your card of choice.


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Oh awesome! thank you!

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