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Do you have a free will to choose a time for holiday?

Asked by pathfinder (1079points) February 13th, 2009

I was thinking about this time for holiday.The time what we can choose to spend on holiday is control by some one else than by our self?

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If you mean state or province-designated holidays, as well as federal-designated holidays, then no, you don’t have a chance to choose those, they are designated by the province or state. Here are the ones in Canada. Why is this? That’s a great question. Likely it’s due to tradition, but there’s another consideration: why would anyone push for legislation to reduce or eliminate holidays where many people who have jobs get paid and don’t do work?

As for non-holiday holidays, such as if you wanted to take a break from work, it’s really up to the terms of your employment and what your boss says. Sometimes we have mean bosses who don’t let us take holidays when we want to. Sometimes we have nice bosses who let us take holidays as long as it doesn’t negatively affect the business and as long as you have vacation days put aside.

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Raight thanks for a responce and I will take a look at that page…

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Well it’s only relevant to those in Canada. Your profile says you live in the UK, so you’ll need to find a list of your applicable holidays.

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If by “holiday” you mean what Americans call “vacation”—it’s controlled by your agreement with your employer. You are allowed to take a certain number of days off per year, and usually you need to get approval in advance. You need to ask the personnel or human resources department at your company, or your manager.

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At my job, we have a certain amount of flexible vacation time that we can take, plus one or two days a year that are designated as “floating holidays.” So if we want to take our birthday, or Beltane or Groundhog’s Day or whatever off and call it a “holiday,” we can.

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