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May I wish everyone Happy Holidays without starting a fight, throw down or sarcastic free for all?

Asked by Naked_Homer (2160points) December 24th, 2009

Happy Holidays, what ever they mean to you!

If nothing then may they bother you less than they have in the past.

If they don’t mean anything, and don’t bother you, may you just have the best day you’ve ever had, and may it be the worst you ever have.

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Of cause you can! Merry Christmas to you too :)

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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah (I know it is over by now), and Happy Merry Joyous, Blessed Festivus to the best bunch of jellies ever to grace the interwebs! I love you guys, I would mention a few by name, but I don’t want to leave anyone out and you all know how much our connection has meant over the past year.

Thank you Naked Homer for starting this thread and setting the tone Merry Christmas to you and may all the best of 2010 be yours!

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And to all, a good night.

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Seasons Greetings and all the very best to you @Naked_Homer and to all the good folk on fluther.

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@Naked_Homer and “bless us every one…”

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Merry Christmas and whatever else you celebrate at this darkest time of the year!

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Yes, you may, @Naked_Homer, and the same to you and all the Jellies old and new! :D

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My friend Homer….Merry Christmas and thank you for the invite!

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Merry Christmas my big furry friend!!!

May I offer the following to all the collective:

May you arrive at your traditional ceremony in great health and leave that way as well.

May the meals be perfection and the creators/ providers of the feast be relaxed and joyful.

May all transpotation be safe as you travel.

May the relative that is usually cranky or emotional be elated, cheerful or off to see other relatives.

May the children behave and be polite. May they dance with joy at their bounty of gifts.

May the conversations flow on the best things of life and may you leave feeling the intoxicating happiness and peace of the season.

May the good memories made this year last a lifetime.

I lurve you all!

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Merry Christmas, Happy Giftmas, and Happy Holidays to all of the Jellies. Big smooches from your lady from the land of beer and beavers!

@Facade and @tinyfaery, get your sweet selves under the mistletoe for a platontic smooch. I’ll be there. :)

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Thank you and same to you and yours. Cheers

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Happy Holidays to you all.

You’ve given me laughter, brain food and a feeling of belonging. Thank you.

Now let’s go eat some cake!

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Joyeux Noel!

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Happy Holidays!

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Wish away, I just I hope you didn’t plan a party,

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You forgot to mention the Winter Solstice, now 3 days past, and the lengthening of the sunlit part of the day. That’s a holiday I am happy to see come and go.

And remember to not end the year without a thought to my birthday. I just got an early gift of a mouse (frozen solid) on my deck. That was considerate, and it was on my list

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Merry Christmas @Naked_Homer and to everyone here! :-)

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Of course you can! DUH! And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all! : ))

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Does this mean no food fights????? haha Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Merry Christmas man and may the year to come treat you better than the year that has passed.

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A very merry Christmas to al my Jellies.

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Merry xmas to all of you :D
and @Naked_Homer please get some clothes is kind of cold I don’t want you to catch a cold…

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Merry Christmas and very Happy Holidays, Jellies! Thank you all for being such great friends and always making Fluther a fun and rewarding experience. =)

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Have a good one. Or two! :) Take a few, actually. And I hope they’re all wonderful!

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Happy/Merry Whatever You Celebrate (or don’t)

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You can, absolutely! and from Bonnie Scotland we say – Right back At ya!

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@jmah Here I come babay!

And OP, that’s very sweet of you =)

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That was very nice! Thank you and enjoy your day too!

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Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee pour toutes!

My year wouldn’t have been the same without Fluther – possibly more productive, but certainly not the same.

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Joy to the world!

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Happy presents to all and to all a good feast.

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Absolutely! Thank you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to You as well!

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And let’s send out good thoughts for Cak, Majorrich, Gary and Sherry, MacBean, Daloon, and the others who have had serious issues. May the next year bring surcease for them, and whoever else needs some. Milo joins me in this wish.

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Happy Holidays to all my jellies!! I second @gailcalled and want to add some good thoughts for rangerr! I hope that everyone’s holidays are warm, filled with love and happiness, and perhaps a bit of spiced rum…. I know that mine will be.

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How will all of you be celebrating the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet? It will be here before you know it! Are you denying yourselves any special treats this year?

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I wish you a Merry Christmas, Homer.

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Yes! Happy holidays to all! May everyone have holiday songs stuck in their head all day!

And be sure to follow Santa

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@pdworkin I plan to indulge in all the special treats I can!

“And it doesn’t really matter if I don’t get any fatter, and I don’t get any fatter, what I do.”

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God Bless Us, Every One!

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And to you, as well
be happy

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Why thank you, @Naked_Homer! Everyone needs a few plain and simple holiday wishes. :) Happy holidays to you, too!

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Merry Christmas and a happy new decade.

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A very Merry Christmas to you Naked Homer and may 2010 be Joyful,Healthy and Happy :)

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to the entire collective.

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A Fabulous “Christmas” holiday to everyone and thank you for all making my year one to remember…You make a difference xxx

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And a big Happy Birthday from a fellow Holiday Baby! ^_^
<—27 Dec.

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AFRIKAANS geseënde Kersfees
ALBANIAN gëzuar Krishtlindja
ALSATIAN gleckika Wïanachta
ARABIC miilaad majiid
BASQUE Eguberri on
BENGALI subho baradin
BRETON Nedeleg laouen
BULGARIAN Vasel Koleda
BURMESE Christmas nay hma mue pyaw pa
CATALAN bon Nadal
CORSICAN bon Natale
CROAT sretan Božic
CZECH veselé Vánoce
DANISH glædelig jul
DUTCH vrolijk Kerstfeest
ESPERANTO gojan Kristnaskon
ESTONIAN häid jõule
FINNISH hyvää joulua
FRENCH joyeux Noël
FRIULAN bon nadal
GERMAN frohe Weihnachten / fröhliche Weihnachten
GREEK kala christougenna / kala xristougenna
HAITIAN CREOLE jwaye nowel
HEBREW christmas sameakh (barely used)
HINDI Krismas ki subhkamna
HUNGARIAN boldog Karácsonyt
ICELANDIC gleðileg jól
INDONESIAN selamat Natal
IRISH GAELIC Nollaig shona
ITALIAN buon Natale / gioioso Natale
JAPANESE meri kurisumasu
KABYLIAN assegass amegass
KOREAN seun-tan chu-ka-hae-yo
KURDISH Noela we pîroz be
LAO souksan van Christmas
LATIN felix dies Nativitatis
LATVIAN priecigus Ziemassvetkus
LITHUANIAN su Kaledoms
LOW SAXON vrolik Kersfees
LUXEMBOURGEOIS schéi Chrëschtdeeg
MACEDONIAN sreken Bozik
MALAGASY tratry ny Krismasy / arahabaina tratry ny Krismasy / arahaba tratry ny Krismasy
MALTESE milied hieni
MAORI meri Kirihimete
OCCITAN bon Nadal
PERSIAN eydet mobârak
POLISH Wesolych Swiat
PORTUGUESE feliz Natal
ROMANIAN un Crãciun fericit
RUSSIAN Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva!
SAMOAN ia manuia le Kerisimasi
SARDINIAN bona pasca’e Nadale (logudorese) / bona paschixedda (campidanese)
SCOTTISH GAELIC Nollaig chridheil
SERBIAN srecan bozic
SHONA krisimas yakanaka
SLOVAK vesele vianoce
SLOVENIAN vesel božic / vesele božicne praznike
SOBOTA dobro dedek
SPANISH feliz Navidad
SWEDISH god jul
TAGALOG maligayang pasko
THAI Suksan Wan Christmas!
TURKISH Noeliniz kultu olsun
UDMURT Shuldyr Ymuston
UKRAINIAN Z Rizdvom Hrystovym
VIETNAMESE Chuc Mung Giang Sinh!
WALOON djoyeus Noyé
WELSH Nadolig llawen
Have a great Christmas wherever you are in the world :)

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Huzzah for Litha!

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happy christmas all!

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You certainly may! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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I’m with my lady now. Her Mom is so cute in that she got us matching p.j.s. The only thing is that they look more like long-johns and they’re not all that forgiving, lol. Perhaps, they’ll be pictures to come.

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Happy Holidays to you all!

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Isn’t anybody going to say “My holiday happy or not, is none of your business?

And A Good Yule to everyone, and bless you every one.

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@YARNLADY Heh heh! Nobodies bitchin’!!! Heh heh!

Yes. A good Yule to Yall.

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@YARNLADY Sounds like you just did! :-)

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From The Beatles to you:

Everywhere it’s Christmas

Everywhere it’s Christmas
Everywhere it’s song
London, Paris, Rome and New York
Tokoy, Hong Kong
Oh everywhere it’s Christmas
And I’m off to join the cheer!
Everywhere it’s Christmas
At the end of every year!
Oh everywhere it’s Christmas
At the end of every year!
I said that everywhere it’s Christmas
At the end of every year!
One more time now!
Everywhere it’s Christmas…

Orowainya, orowainya, orowainya, ooh
Endomainya, endomainya, endomainya, ooh

Our story opens in Corsica. On the Verandah is a bearded man in glasses conducting a small choir.

Orowainya, orowainya, orowainya…

Yohoo! Yodellaihetee! Yohoo!

Meanwhile, high in the Swiss Alps, two elderly Scotsmen munch on a rare cheese.

“Mm, wonderful stuff this, Agnes.”

“Aye, it’s wonderful stuff.”

Hodellaihetee! Yodellaihetee!

I’m standing in the entrance to the main tent. Immediately behind me, the festivities have already begun.

“Tell me, are you enjoying the wine?”

“I am indeed your highness. It goes well with me.”

“Yeah, very good, very good. Ha ha ha!”

“The king seems to be enjoying himself tonight!

“You might not have seen him on such good focus since the October Festival.”

“Alright! Is there a doctor here? Is there a doctor around here? Did anybody see one?”

At the same time as this in the Captain’s mess in board, the H.M.S. Tremendous, a toast is being proposed.

“To Her Majesty!”

“To Her Majesty!”

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

Podgy the bear and Jasper were huddled around the unlit fire in the centre of the room.

“There are no more matches left, Podgy,” said Jasper.

“Then buy some, Jasper, old friend,” said Podgy.

“Make a list and afterwards we’ll go to the shop and buy matches and buy candles and buns.”

“There’s no more paper to write on, Podgy.”

“No need to worry, Jasper. You keep saying to yourself ‘matches’ and I’ll keep saying ‘candles’ until we reach the shop. Then we won’t need to write it down, we’ll remember.”

“Who’ll remember the buns, Podgy?”

“We both will, Jasper… Matches.”










In the long dark corridors of Felpin Mansions, a door slams.

And the shadowy firgure of Count Balder appears. The Count is the eccentric son of Baron Landsberg, the inventor of the rack. He speaks…

“Guten taen, meinen damen and herren. Welcome to Felpin Mansions. The Butler will show you to your rooms. Butler!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Show the ladies and gentlemen to their rooms.”

“Yes, Sir! Come this please.”

“Come in.”

“May I come in?”

“Come, come in, Count.”

“May I?”

“Oh, yes, come in.”

“Ah, thank you. I was wondering if you knew any of the songs from the good old days.”

“Oh, my goodness, yes. Don’t you worry on that score. I hear the Baron likes, uh, I hear the Baron likes the good old tunes.”

“Yes, I do.”

“So do I, Count. So do I.”

“But they’re all melodies, aren’t they?”

“No, don’t worry. I’ll play this one. Do you like this one? Listen to this one.”

Please don’t bring your banjo bag
I know where it’s been
I wasn’t hardly gone a day
When it became the scene
Banjos, banjos all the time
I can’t forget that tune
And if I ever see another banjo
I’m going out to buy a big balloon
And if I ever see another banjo
I’m going out to buy a big balloon
And if I ever see another banjo
I’m going out to buy a big balloon
And if I ever see another banjo
I’m going out to buy a big balloon
And if I ever see another banjo
I’m going out to buy a big balloon

Yes, everywhere it’s Christmas.

Everywhere it’s Christmas
Everywhere it’s song
London, Paris, Rome and New York
Tokoy, Hong Kong
Oh everywhere it’s Christmas
And I’m off to join the cheer!
Everywhere it’s Christmas
At the end of every year!
Oh everywhere it’s Christmas
At the end of every year!
I said that everywhere it’s Christmas
At the end of every year!
One more time now!
Everywhere it’s Christmas
At the end of every year

Ha ha ha, jolly good, ho ho, jolly good.

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Merry, merry, Jellies!

[mod says] Internal editing was used to fix a slight error in the title.

Seek's avatar


Thank you, that was really starting to bug me. ^_^

Val123's avatar

@Dr_C Ju are crazy!!

@augustlan Ah yes. I noticed that too! :) Darn those French spellings!

Blondesjon's avatar

@Fluther. . . I want to thank Fluther, which is notorious for being grammatically snooty and spellingly snarky. This question has been up for 13 hours now and not a single one of you gave @Naked_Homer any kind of grief for his obvious misspelling. This thread is full of posts by some of the most feared speakarians in the Collective.

I think every jelly should hit the follow button on this thread so that the next time a fellow knowledge seeker is complaining about being picked on we can link them to this question.

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Thanks for all the good will folks!!!

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Merry Christmas to all of you!!!
May you live happy in love of God!!!

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Merry Christmas to All! And to all, a good night!

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@filmfann good morning more like lol

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@strange1 Don’t remind me! It is 1am here and I just finished wrapping presents. I’ll need to make the coffee extra strong in the morning! :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

strange1's avatar

@jonsblond lol its christmas morn here 808am

augustlan's avatar

It’s 4:44 AM, here. Just finished wrapping and making the green beans w/ bacon and onion. Hoping to be asleep by 6! Merry, merry, everyone!

Val123's avatar

@augustlan Wow! You’re a mad women!

NUNYA's avatar

And I thank you kindly for those nice words @Naked_Homer!!! And I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!! Hope Santa was good to you!

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Are you referring to Presidents’ day? Or would it be MLK day? Or Valentines Day? Perhaps Memorial day or Labor Day? Seems we call all those days by their names. Doesnt seem to bother anyone that a Happy MLK day might offend someone, does it? Well, for the same reason, I treat Merry Christmas the same way. It’s Christmas and everyone knows what we are celebrating.

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