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Has the chat room died?

Asked by syz (35997points) February 13th, 2009

Granted, I haven’t been on late at night for the last weeks (when it seems to be busiest), but it always seems to be empty.

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I have a ard time tracking down the link. Let’s go right now.

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Sounds like they don’t just let anyone in. I can see where that would empty a place.

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The funeral was last week.

But yeah, it is pretty dead.

And everyone except for one person is let in. Unfortunately that one person made it so we had to have it so people need to ask for a link.

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OK… After rejecting everything allie suggested I present to you..

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FYI everyone.. my room name suggestions were awesome on so many levels.

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From the amount of off-thread chatter here, I thought it had died a while ago.

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Yes! more people will come now!

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What chat room?

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Is that URL now permently blocked?

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It was probably besieged by you know who again.

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