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My headliner is starting to hang in my car, how much should I expect to pay to get it fixed?

Asked by Fallstand (1125points) February 13th, 2009


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several years ago it was about $35 at a place around here that specialized in that kind of work. probably much more at a dealership. I know of people who have done the work themselves, but you need a garage and access to industrial strength adhesives. Personally, unless your car is a showpiece or not yet paid off I’d just take it down and be done with it.

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You can buy some spray adhesive for about 6.00 and save some $$. Removing the plastic molding can be tricky though. Good luck.

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Or you could take thumb tacks (the kind that are smooth against the surface) and create a pretty design :)

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@dlm812 I did that once with the pins that have the colorful plastic round heads, and got a rash of shit (hard ribbing) from everyone whoever rode in my car. I suggested otherwise to keep this person from receiving a rash of shit from others. :-)

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