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Am I missing something? I can't download the Live Mesh mac client.

Asked by benseven (3179points) February 17th, 2009

I’d like to check out the Windows Live Mesh Mac client, but I can’t get anywhere with that site. When I click on ‘Install Software’ and then ‘Limited Mac Tech Preview now available’, I get a big ol’ error:

Unknown Error.
(Code: 8dc501f7-b525, 17/02/2009 06:24)

Are other Mac (Firefox) users finding this too? Or is there something weird going on. It was like this weeks and weeks ago when I first tried, and I thought it would be fixed by now!

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Argh, as usual, answered my own Q. The Live Mesh site didn’t like Firefox. Trying in Safari correctly detected my OS version and began the download.

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