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BluRay and normal DVD, how do they swap?

Asked by kwhull (547points) February 18th, 2009

I dont have a BluRay player yet, so I want to understand how it all works b4 I cough up the cash. Can you play a regular DVD in a BluRay player? Can you play a BluRay disc in a regular DVD player(of course, without the picture quality)? About 15 years or more ago I bought a CDI player that was supposed to be the new big thing. Big mistake, it didnt take off like everyone expected & I dont want to have that happen to me again! That was about $500 that is down the drain. Ouch.

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Current Blu Ray players will play DVDs. To my knowledge, DVD players will not play Blu Ray discs. I bought my first Blu Ray player this weekend (+HDTV). The quality is simply unbelievable and is a significant upgrade from DVD – you won’t be disappointed.

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DVD players cannot play Blu-Ray discs. You may wish to check for ”backward compatibility” when you are shopping for a Blu-Ray player. Thus far, it’s not a problem with DVDs, but there are a few players that won’t play CDs. That might not be something you care about, but you might want to check when you are shopping just to be sure.

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You can play a regular dvd in a blue ray player but not a blu ray dvd in a regular player. I have both. Blu ray IS better but in these economic times I probably wouldn’t invest in one again. It’s not that much better unless your one of those real anal types.

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I’m one of the real anal types!!!!

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Blu-ray players will play regular DVDs and Blu-ray DVDs. Regular DVD players only play regular DVDs. Regular players do not have the hardware or software to read from Blu-ray discs.

The format war is effectively over. It was between HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Blu-ray “won”. So buying a Blu-ray player now is a safe bet, unlike your experiences with CDI. You may wish to read this wikipedia article about it to learn more.

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I would have to agree with @Judi about it not being worth investing in blu ray currently. The picture quality is better and the sound is superb but unless you have an amplifier that can handle the newer audio formats (Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD or whatever) and some nice speakers the experience is porbably not much improved for the increase in price that you going to pay for BluRay Discs (can’t bring myself to call them BD’s yet).

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I would hold off on buying a Blu-Ray player for now. They are still pretty expensive, and it’s even more expensive to buy a movie ($30+ to buy a movie is ridiculous to me).

Luckily, I have a PS3 so my Blu-Ray needs are taken care of.

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