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Why does my DVD say its 40 GBs in size?

Asked by Evan (810points) May 16th, 2009

i have a disc from netflix that i put in my computer to watch, and it said it was 40GB.. i didn’t think there were DVDs that big.. and it plays on all my shit, even tho i don’t have a bluRay or anything, so i don’t think it could be that.. just wondering if its a glitch, or why it would say that.. any thoughts?

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Are you sure it doesn’t say 4.0 GB? Or maybe “40MB free space” and you accidentally misread it? AFAIK there are no DVDs that big. These glitches can and do happen, but more often they have to do with HDDs, not DVDs.

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it definitely says 40.00GB. technically, it says, “0 out of 40.00GB free” and then under properties, it lists it as 40.00GB.

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That’s definitely a glitch in the DVD or something. At least it’s playing, right?
the DVD isn’t that big, it’s probably just a glitch in how it’s displaying it’s available memory.

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Maybe it’s a BlueRay, or a HDDVD?

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Evan said he doesn’t have BluRay or anything on his comp, so the disc couldn’t be that.
In order for HD-DVDs or BR discs to even play, you need special drives.

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