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What is your favorite Saturday Night Live skit?

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) February 19th, 2009
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More Cowbell

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It’s really hard to pick just one!

The Vincent Price holiday skits have me in tears. Especially the most recent one for Valentine’s Day.

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The whiteface sketch from the Eddie Murphy years:“What are you doing?” “I’m… trying to buy this newspaper!”

Gawd, he had a ton of them, didn’t he?

Eddie, we’ll forget the tranny if you do good films again! Please!

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@aprilsimnel – Yes he had a lot of good ones. Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood and “I’m Gumby Damnit”

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It’s difficult to pick only one. Samurai Hotel, Chris Farley living in A Van Down By The River, the commercials for Bad Idea Jeans and Ass Don’t Smell, the All-Drug Olympics…

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Oh! Little Chocolate Donuts, what any Olympian needs on their training table!

And Jewess Jeans! You don’t have to be Jewish to wear them, but it couldn’t hurt!

The Julia Child parody where Dan Ackroyd cuts himself and spurts blood everywhere.

Samurai Hotel with John Belushi and Richard Pryor

(Yes, I snuck out of bed to watch these as a child, why do you ask?)

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@aprilsimnel – I stayed up also keeping the volume low and hoping my parents didn’t see the glow of the TV in my room.

I have to add the Coneheads to the list and Jaws “Land Shark” knocking on the door.

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The only funny sketches that pretty boy what ‘is name ever did: The Barry Gibb Talk Show.

And Justin Timberlake was funnier than he was in it. Omeletville had me cracking up, too. Justin Timberlake is the young Alec Baldwin re that show.

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I’m gonna cast my vote for the episode of Wayne’s World with Tom Hanks, Aerosmith, and Wayne’s mom.

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@Kiev749 “I’ll take Famous Titties for 400.”

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None. I don’t think that show is funny.

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Debbie Downer’s first skit was hilarious.

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Red Hooded Sweatshirt (doo dooo dooo) I love you sweatshirt.

And Really?

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“Joe Piscapo Live Saturday Night Sports”
“Cheeseburger Cheeseburger”
“We are Two Wild and Crazy Guys”

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Jeopardy! “I’ll take the rapist for 400 Alex.”

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“is that what i think it is? Yes, that’s a Horse having sex with me”
“Come on trabeck! Let the people see my work!”

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My most recent favorite is Smell that peppa? when michael phelps was on.
“we have over 4 different kinds of soda, we got brown ones and we got clear ones”
I love almost all the ones mentioned already. It’s impossible to pick one.

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More cowbell

my second is schweaty balls

my third is Jeopardy “I’d like to ask you about the Penis Mightyer”

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More Cowbell
Chris Farley and his down by the river skit.

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The First Person in the History of the World to Dance

Sorry, cannot find the actual video online at this time.

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More recently Dick in a Box was hilarious. NSFW.

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@augustlan That’s a great one. Loved Jizzed in my pants too.

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“Jane, you ignorant slut.”

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The Spartan Cheerleaders
The NPR ladies (Schwety Balls)
Weekend Update, especially with Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon
A one time skit with Claire Danes as Tinkerbell is my
favorite skit ever. (“I’m drunk and someone’s going to get cut.”)

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T-pain digital short…. too funny.

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Does any one remember Will Ferrell and the Luvahs?? That is my #1 favorite.
#2 is Spartan Cheerleaders

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@jettaray87 Yes! I loved the one with Christopher Walken. Lovah!

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@jonsblond Yes.. the one with Drew Barrymore is also really funny! They always end up talkin about the Welchly Arms, CRACKS ME UP EVERYTIME.

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The bird family sketch where they’re all passing food with their mouths and anything Brian Fellow.

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@saranwrapper Love both of those!

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oh my god, the lunch lady.

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I really wish I could find the Lovahs on YouTube.

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@Bri_L I had seen that one, it is really funny. Do you know where to find any more? How many different ones are there? I have only seen that one and the one with Drew Barrymore.

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“Yeah, I farted. Jealous?”

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@jonsblond Love Amy Poehler!

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@tinyfaery She’s awesome! :D

“Rick, Rick, Rick.”

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The Bass-o-matic
Samurai Tailor
The Coneheads

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@jettaray87 – sorry for not getting back to you very quickly. I was out of town. I searched on Hulu. It is possible there may be others there as well if you search for Will Ferrall

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