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What is the best anonymous VPN?

Asked by shared3 (921points) October 13th, 2007

Looking for price, speed, privacy. Something on the lines of Relakks.

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This isn’t an answer to your question, but what is anonymous VPN?

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That is, I know what VPN is and is for, but that seems to preclude anonymity.

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Personally, I like to use because I can access my computer via the internet and it has a lot of features. There is a dual password system – One for your account and one for each computer you attach to the account. But ya, the best part is, you install the software on the host, but do not need to install any files on the client. The website offers a more in depth explanation. Good luck.

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There is also and I use Banana from Dubai and it works great.

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I use because it costs nothing, is pretty fast, and I don’t use it too much that the ads annoy me.

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Also You can use our vpn service
We have a Canadian and USA servers connected to true 100Mbits internet.

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There is no such thing as a completely anonymous way to surf the net. Any company that tells you so is misleading you. Someone always knows who your are and can track your moves. However, if all you want to do is keep web site owners from data mining you and your ISP from knowing what sites you visit than a personal VPN will do. It will also protect you from networks that are not secure like wireless hotspots.

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OP why not use relakks? $5 isn’t that bad. Personally I use the free vpn service from I have been pretty happy with the service. They are invite only just like relakks. To get an invite I had to blog about them.

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For me there are two criteria for a good VPN provider: Totally anonymous and fast. Totally anonymous is possible by only using your email address, obviously the “right one” and a provider, that can not easily assaulted by police or secret service. After checking out several VPN providers I found They offer an anonymous trial account and are really fast even here in China, where most VPN providers don’t work-

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good question, after looking at alot of providers i found a big vpn review website of many vpn providers., makes choosing alot easier. no need to login or register to find the info you want. hope this helps others.

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For me it is – it is always fast (redundant L2TP/IPSec) and it is located in Canada which is good for privacy and they keep no logs. They also give you a free PC Cleaner software Tool. – ‘Even when you delete files, your browser history, recently viewed video and picture files and more can still be retrieved.’
Not any more they can’t :) check it out

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You can find a VPN Providers List and compare VPN Providers on

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I’ve been using ( they use OpenVPN which is pretty secure. So far its the best price i’ve found out there for a server in the U.S. so you also get a U.S. IP.


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Forgot to mention promo code I got from one of the sales reps, don’t know if it still works: 25discountvpn, but you can contact them through their contact page and they’ll send you one I think.


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The best VPN is they use OpenVPN with 2048 bit.

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You can definitely give a try. It is powered by both PPTP and OpenVPN. Strongly recommended.

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I use vpn account for a long time. I like their speed and kind support. Good service I can recommend them.

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