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How many calories should I eat?

Asked by SN25P (11points) October 13th, 2007 from iPhone

What is the recommended daily calorie intake for me? I’m 175 cm and weigh 55 kg, boy aged 16. Physically active and eat healthy in general. Thx in advance :)

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2000 calories per day is seen as a general rule, but of course it varies by weight, your goals, and activity level.

The only rules of thumb I know are all related in pounds, but it’s an easy conversion over to kilos. 10 calories per pound daily is about as low as you want to go to lose weight and stay healthy while doing so and 15 per pound is considered a good intake to maintain your current. So in kilos your looking at about 22 and 33 respectively.

All said you probably want somewhere between about 1600 and 2000 a day depending on what your goals are. That said, your 16 and still growing, when you’re hungry, eat.

Hope it helps.

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2000 calories? Well there’s an incorrect blanket statement!

2000 calories is what the FDA uses to judge daily caloric intake. That doesn’t mean that there’s any logic behind it.

Your basal metabolic rate is 1585 calories per day, but there are other factors that effect your BMR. You need to look at some basal metabolic rate calculators to determine precisely what your needs are, especially based on your activity level.

Weight loss and weight maintenance guidelines are listed on the site that I’ve posted here.
I don’t answer questions that I don’t know the answer to, but that’s just me, I guess.

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Thanks for informative answers, both of you :)

I’ll check out the link.

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I use a great free tool – – where after registering it calculates what my ideal calorie intake should be. I then record food & exercice to check if I am on track. This is an Australian website so some of the foods mentioned may not be the same as where you are, however you can create your own custom food.

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