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Can a Blackberry provide web access to an iPod Touch?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) February 20th, 2009

Would like to use a Blackberry 8703 as a modem for an iPod Touch (2nd generation) (bigger screen, etc.)

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As far as I know, you can’t tether those devices together. You can use your Blackberry as a modem for a computer though. That may be a question for the IT people at AT&T (assuming that’s who your provider is?)

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No, the 8703 has no WiFi capability, which is the only way the iTouch can connect to the internet. Also the carriers would never allow you to turn a phone into a WiFi connection point even if it did have WiFi, it’d be too helpful and cost them money.

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@StellarAirman You actually can use a phone as a modem (it’s called tethering), it just costs a shit ton. But I still think you’re right and those two devices can’t be tethered.

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I know what tethering is, but you can’t do it with WiFi on any phone I’ve ever heard of, especially with one that doesn’t have WiFi. :)

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Interesting challenge (but not practical unless you were willing to hire a hardware geek :)).

8703 has no wifi, so you’d need two things:

1) a physical connection between the data ports on the two devices, which doesn’t exist in any commercial form but could be handmade by an expert (I’ve seen some pretty gnarly Frankencables); and

2) a system-level hack on the BB in order to share its connection with a device that doesn’t have a full OS for which there’s already a commercial driver or app. This might not be hard given that the Touch is running a pretty accessible version of UNIX (obviously the Touch would need to be jailbroken).

This could be a cool question for a class.

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Or 3) Just buy an iPhone… :)

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Yeah, I was going to suggest just buying an iPhone too. wink

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Thank you all!

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