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Why won't my iPod Touch will not load any apps?

Asked by Cooldil17 (485points) January 2nd, 2010

After having a new iPod Touch for two days, it just decided to stop working on downloaded apps (Preloaded ones still work; Safari, YouTube, Notes, etc.) whenever I try to open an app it will show the loading screen for that individual app but will then quit out and go to the home screen. I have tried deleting the app in question but then it immediately started doing it for everything except pre-loaded apps (See Above). I also tried restoring the iPod Touch to factory default settings, and there is no update available. Please help!

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Try reinstalling the OS, if that doesn’t work downgrade to 2.2.1, 1.0 is pretty glitchy with the ipod touch.

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Try holding down “shift” when you hit the restore button in iTunes.

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This happens to me from time to time and to fix it, download another app (free one) and install it. For some reason, once you download a new one, the rest of them will work.

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Did you try to jailbreak your iPod?

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@Narl has the answer. This is actually what Apple tech support told my wife to do.

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Some crazy stuff like that has happened to me before. Whenever it’s happened all I’ve had to do is restart it by holding the lock button until the swipe bar appears at the top.

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apparently its something to do with authorising purchases (?) it used to happen when i first got my iphone but as listed above, downloading a new app makes the others available again. I’m fairly sure its actually the point you log into iTunes that resets everything.

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ok this is my very proffesional opinion… take it back!

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Seems to me like you were downloading shitloads of apps. Maybe it started to lag because you put too many apps on it, or one of the apps don’t work properly. I had an iPod touch and because it had too many apps on it it stopped working.
Or if not, then just restore it from iTunes and redownload the important stuff again. If that doesn’t work then take it to the Apple center and they’ll fix it.
Plus maybe you’re accidentally pressing on the button that quits it without noticing, it’s sensitive. It happens with my iPad.
Hope I helped.
Beware: The whitescreen of death.

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Could be just the app itself causing the problem. Many people have reported downloading an app then not being able to even open it.

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