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How do you stay motivated?

Asked by natg3o (104points) February 20th, 2009

I’m currently a college student and I’m having a hard time sticking to my guns on doing all of the homework and always going to class. I have 10 weeks left…How can I get myself motivated to finish the year strong?

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Remember that you’re going to college for a reason. To create a successful future for yourself, to please your parents, to occupy your time, whatever the reason may be- find the best one and let it guide you. I’m a college student also. What motivates me most is the successful future for myself thing. I realize I’m not going to school just to go to school. I’ve got a purpose that may be far away, but I know it exists and that someday I’ll reach it.

Look at the big picture, and also just relish in the fact that MANY people would absolutely love the opportunity (though it may not seem like one since you’re on the daily grind with going to class and shit) to learn, to attain knowledge, to be taught in a class-type manner. And you have that opportunity. So don’t waste it. :).

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i look forward to something. usually a vacation or trip, or till what ever it is that im doing is over. LOL

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Stop looking at the finish line.

One day at a time. Get through today and give it 100%.

Deal with tomorrow and again give it 100%

You will reach your goal.

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@natg3o: Who is shelling out the money for tuition (room and board, also)? Finish the year with whatever it takes. Then you can decide whether you need a gap year to rethink things.

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I have always find if you can count down the time on 2 hands you are in ‘time flies’ territory. Every day you close one finger and before you know it, you’re finished!

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@gailcalled: I am actually paying for school and working a full time job. It’s hard to find time to study with work and get enough sleep.

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natg3o: I can understand how tiring it must be. Can you drop one course and get an Incomplete in it? Perhaps there is a Dean or advisor you can talk to. It does sound as though you have too much on your plate. I wish that I had better advice.

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write down your goals and then reward yourself when you acheave them. only 3% of the american population writes down their goals and i thought it was crazy when i first heard it. My basketball coach is getting his phd or whatever you get to become a doc. and that is his thesis or whatnot. that if you play sports it can actually improve your grades and give you more confidence if you do these things. and I’ve wrote mine down like he said and put them in places were i see them everyday and so far it has worked surprisingly well. so you could always try that then reward yourself once you complete one.

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I tell myself if you get all of this out of the way then you will be rewarded for your hard work afterwards. And its all worth it. Everyday that you try your best the closer you are to your goals!!!!

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I suggest the same way I’m surviving: one day at a time, like Dog said. Wake up, get to class a little early, eat, finish what you consider to be a solid amount of homework, and relax. Definitely look ahead and know when you need to get started on projects and the like, but don’t worry about what lies tomorrow. You can consider and plan, but don’t dwell on the next 9 weeks or even the rest of this week. Focus on today. Right now.

I don’t know if you’re a religious person or not, but everyone from a Christian to an atheist can’t deny Jesus’ simple logic: “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to their life?...Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” -Matthew 6:27,34.

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Natgo is working full-time and going to school. One of his serious issues is not being able to get enough sleep. Therefore he is tired most of the time. He needs practical advice right now (or a wnning lottery ticket) and not inspirational

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ah. well, giving advice in a specifically non-inspirational way on the subject of motivation is tricky. can’t get much farther than get good sleep and eat right, which you’ve already covered. He asked for motivation, which is a reason or drive to do something. Motivation and inspiration are very close, from what I’ve understood.
For anyone stressed and requesting advice on how to get motivated, my first response is to stay focused and handle things one day at a time, and not worry about things.
Sounds perfectly practical to me.
Now, if he was looking for specifically inspirational (in the sense I believe you’re referring to) then I would have posted the entire chapter. But as for “practical”, I thought it was spot on.

So my suggestion stands: stay focused, and don’t worry about tomorrow.

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Thank you everyone! I have my two Final Exams tomorrow for this term and know how to go about next term! :) Thanks again!

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finals? already? is it an online course, or…?

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No we have trimesters here. I have a two week break after tomorrow so it’s a lot better than having semesters. :)

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I hope you did well on the exams. Try to get some well-earned sleep before the next trimester starts. And make sure you aren’t carrying too heavy a course load.

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