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What are your goals for July?

Asked by ltoban (332points) July 1st, 2019

We are half way in 2019 – How will you push forward to end 2019 accomplishing your goals?

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I hate summer! I work outside and the heat is a @*$%! It’s the same every year…
But only 5½ years to go til I can quit!

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I have to get my act together and get my barn rebuilt. I need to file plans with the Town, get the permits, clear out the stuff from the old barn, take it down, and prepare the site for the new barn.
I just can’t face it.
I will at least file the papers this month.

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I’m going to get on my bicycle more. I need to drop 20 pounds to get back to my ideal weight.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Come over to my place. We can encourage/force each other. We’ll both get plenty of exercise.

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That’ll be quite a bike ride from TN to NY

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1. Finish the half done large standard size photo book of my late parents old photographs
( the scratches fixed) from black and white to colorized.

2. To balance out sitting with outdoor exercise by hiking and photographing.

3. To finalize the plan on paper first, to photograph every street in this Town and publish this eventually.

4. To join the others in this apartment block for the opening BBQ party for our new patio that was just built.

5. To continue ( almost finished) the last few payments on my new computer so that I can
then order an external hard drive and portable CD /DVD in order to download my favorite
Photo software onto the new one, which would make editing and uploading that more
easier to do.

6. Keep at clearing out old belongings in my storage area to minimize .

7. To attend as many as possible the summer Festivities and photograph.

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Short range, I’m trying to decide whether to do laundry or play golf today. I fear the laundry is doomed. Long range, I need to decide on what to have for dinner. I decide later.

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@Inspired_2write – Love it! How are your goals going so far?

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