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What is your reading on your own Sane-o-Meter?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) February 21st, 2009

Feel like you are on the bubble (with 50% of people to either side of you), or do you feel a little….. off?
This is for fun – please don’t go all clinic here.

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I am so far off the wall (scale) that I am halfway down the street!

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Ha ha!! I don’t think they have invented a scale with my numbers yet!:P

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There’s clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you. (Hope you’re sane.)

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Sanity is way over rated.

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@Grisson I love that song!!

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@Grisson Lurve for Steelers Wheel.

I think I’m sane. My wife would argue that point.

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About an 8 idk sometimes I lose my sanity though!!!!

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I think I am perfectly normal- however those around me disagree.

@Grisson- just went to itunes to get SMB!

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My Sane-o-Meter is pegged on the side of normal. Just don’t look too closely, or you will see where I tampered with it.

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I am definitely a tad off. I’m ok with that :)

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“I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.”

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Shoot, Sherlock, I’ve got the certificate to put on the wall. From a well-respected research shrink, too. I figure that if you’re crazy, you are a member of an exclusive club that only two percent (or a little less) of society are allowed into.

I’m also not entirely sure it’s a good idea to through yourself back into the middle of the hoi polloi through use of meds. I am so much stupider now.

Foolaholic's avatar

I’m missing a couple of screws, so that when I hit the high velocities certain pieces tend to flap in the wind, but otherwise you would never be able to tell.

and that’s the way I like it…

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I get that same flapping, @Fool ! Guess I need to take it up with my ground crew.

Foolaholic's avatar


Yeah I was thinking about getting it looked at, but it turns of that the type of screws I need aren’t being made anymore. Go figure. :P

steelmarket's avatar

I hear you on that one, @Fool.

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I definitely run all ends of the scale. For the most part, I’m way high on the wacky factor, but also can dip far down into ultra seriousness and responsibility. Fortunately I know myself pretty well, and can tell where I am on the spectrum at any given time. If I’m being batshit crazy, I definitely know it, and give the people around me sufficient disclaimers to warn them.

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@cheebdragon I was seriously about to say that. Darn.

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@figbash, I’m much the same way, but I find great pleasure in not giving anyone a disclaimer or a warning. Let em figure it out on their own. Is it any wonder I have to do a lot of damage control later?

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@dragonflyfaith and @cheebdragon: Ya. I enjoy it some. But I really don’t like it, also. At the extreme, it’s a choice between being smart or being dead. I’m tempted to play and see how much I can be smart before actually getting dead, but we’ll see.

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A little left of center. If it hits normal, we’ve got problems!

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Yes I am.

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I’m midway between asmonet and Auggie so i would guess I’m pretty much about at Tits McGee

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Where is asmonet, anyway?

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

I dunno…she pm’d me earlier this week saying she was real busy with work and school…

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@Sueanne_Tremendous – wonderful description – all great women on Fluther!

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@augustlan – nice A!

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@augustlan – your welcome!

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A wise man once said that If you think you are insane, you are acutally quite sane, because crazy people think everyone else is the problem, and they are just fine. He might have been a nutcase himself, I don’t remember. So if you think you are just fine, you are freaking loony and we are going to be keeping an eye on you. :-)

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Pretty low right now…

onesecondregrets's avatar

Oh. I’ve lost it.

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The only thing that qualifies me for this side of sane is that it doesn’t interfere with my daily function.

So all of the other DSM criteria can kiss my ass!

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If we’re all crazy, doesn’t that mean that crazy is normal?

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My Sane-O-Meter fell off the wall!

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I finally had my long-delayed meltdown yesterday. I gave in to it and wallowed, but I’m feeling better today :)

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