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What will help you stand out on an Ivy League Application?

Asked by hooman (2points) February 21st, 2009

i.e. volunteering, clubs, etc.

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Not having a communicable disease

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Oh you mean in a good way.. never mind then.. i have no ideas.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous Sculling eh? I row. :)
Ivy Leagues are mostly over-rated in my mind for an undergrad. Be clever, be yourself, be slightly humorous, engaging, and profound, but not cliché. Good luck!

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Extremely good writing.
A passionate interest in something, whether academic or not.
Service to the community.

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A huge trust fund.

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I think a compelling personal essay about some issue or challenge you’ve faced is a help. It’s got to be really good. Also, as Jeruba says, showing there is something you’re really passionate about. It’s been said many times, schools are not looking for each kids to be well-rounded but to be able to build a diverse class full of musicians, artists, athletes, etc. Being smart and articulate are sine qua nons. (It also helps if you are from Montana rather than New Jersey but that’s another story.)

Some Ivy League schools give a better undergraduate experience than others. Look at the school, rather than the status. There are many, many smaller excellent schools in this country and many great state universities too.

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I heard on the radio last week that the big thing these days that the Ivies and other exclusive colleges are looking for is public service. Volunteering for organizations that help the less fortunate. Or creating such an organization.

Of course, you have to add your musical activity, and your intellectual pursuit (debate, chess club, reading groups) and your publications (write a novel at age 17) and you’ll be good.

Well, if you can write a decent essay and score well on the SATs.

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I’m with Jeruba – showing that you have a passionate interest in something is one of the most important things on any college app (Ivy League or not). Schools want to see that you have interests outside of whatever field you’re applying in, and they want to know that you’re not an automaton who’s just doing things because they look good on your application. Show them the spark that makes you different (working it into an essay is the best way to do this), and you’re more likely to stand out and be remembered.

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Check out Brown University

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Being genuine. If you do things just because you think they’ll let you tick a box on your application, that will come across—if not in your list of activities, then in your essay. Find things you’re passionate about, and do them with your whole heart.

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